Drake Slayer duck call - color, green marshMan holding custom drake slayer double reed duck call with kid

Drake Slayer, Double Reed


Rated BEST double reed duck call by Field & Stream, the Drake Slayer is versatile and easy-to-use. Great for beginners and experts.

Suzie Slayer, wood duck call, double reedBill Ayer, Slayer CEO with the Suzie Slayer Duck Call

Suzie Slayer, Double Reed


Step up your slay game with the Cadillac of duck calls. The luxurious bocote Suzie Slayer is a wooden call with the finesse to work the wariest ducks.

Mallard Reaper, duck call by Slayer Calls

Mallard Reaper


Slayer’s easy-to-blow Mallard Reaper is the best duck call for beginners and features great tone from the high end to the bottom.

Slayer CUTDOWN 00 duck call

Slayer CUTDOWN 00


Our most realistic call yet. The Slayer CUTDOWN 00 features a tone board that’s been cut down and reshaped for more realistic duck vocalizations.

Drake Slayer double reed duck call - color, citrineHunter blowing the drake slayer single reed duck call in black death color

Drake Slayer, Single Reed


Crafted with serious duck hunters in mind, this Single Reed acrylic duck call unlocks sounds like Cajun squeals and long-range highballs.

The Honker, Canada Goose CallThe Slayer Honker in snow mesh on the ground

Honker Slayer Goose Call


Save your breath with the Honker goose call. With guts that perform like they’re 10 years broken in, you’ll lure in the Canada geese.

Tar Belly Slayer, Specklebelly Goose CallSlayer VIP sporting Slayer's Tar Belly speck call on his lanyard in the field holding a speckle belly goose

Tar Belly Slayer


Save your breath with the Tar Belly Slayer call, uniquely designed to produce multi-note yodels, clucks and murmurs with minimal air pressure.

Slayer’s Ranger Double Reed Duck Call in OrangeDuck hunter out in the field with the Drake Slayer Duck Call

The Ranger, Double Reed


The call you’ve been asking for! With a wider exhaust and longer tone board, hunters can put serious air behind this wildly loud duck call.

Slayer’s Ranger Single Reed Duck Call in BlueDuck hunter out in the field with the Drake Slayer Duck Call

The Ranger, Single Reed


Give this single reed duck call every ounce of air you’ve got, then watch as the high-flying mallard formation dives in your direction.

A white acrylic cutdown duck call on a black background.Slayer family member Darren Meharg on Slayer's Cutdown duck call, Pearly Gates in white pearl

Pearly Gates Cutdown


Hallelujah! This attention-grabbing acrylic cutdown call draws ducks in, so you can send more mallards heavenward.

Single Reed, duck call reeds by Slayer Calls

Duck Call Reeds


Keep your favorite call well-tuned with a new duck call reed. Calls perform best when reeds are changed annually.

Honker guts, goose call guts by Slayer Calls

Goose Call Guts


Goose call guts gone bad? Check out these replacement parts made specifically to fit in our top-of-the-line goose calls.

Tuning service and reeds for goose and duck calls

Call Tuning Service


Slayer calls were built to last. That’s why we offer our free goose and duck call tuning service — only pay for shipping and parts.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Honker Goose Call

I've got the Honker Goose call in addition to a double reed Drake Slayer call. The Drake Slayer is very user-friendly/easy to learn on, one I would recommend to any hunter across different levels of experience. I am impressed with the versatility of tone from low and soft quacks, to crisp hail and feeder calls. I'm now looking at picking up their bocote wood call and customizing it with both a band engraving and a logo (love that Slayer offers these options). On their website, Slayer has also included sound profiles, so you do get a general idea of the quality of sound/range these calls project. Regarding the Honker Goose call, this is my very first goose call so I'm very much looking forward to learning how to master the art with this particular call. Overall, great quality products - it certainly doesn't hurt that they're easy on the eyes and definite head turners to both ducks and humans alike. Also, it appears Slayer is working on launching some elk calls. Being an archery hunter in Colorado, I am super excited to see what they have in store.

Mallard Reaper

I’m impressed with the Mallard Reaper! I already had a Drake Slayer and I wanted a second I could just keep in my truck to practice with when driving. It’s definitely going on my lanyard for hunting. It won’t be limited to practice. Durable. Great price. Amazing sound. Absolutely love it.

Drake Double Reed

This is a well made and good looking call. I am relatively new to calling, and I find I can get credible ducky sounds out of it with just a little practice and study. I got the call too late to use it this year, but just think how good I will sound next duck season with the whole year to practice.

Suzie Slayer

Brilliant! No other way to put it. I ordered the Suzie Slayer Double Reed and the Drake Slayer Single Reed. I started off messing around with the Drake Slayer. The acrylic is beautiful and the tone of the calls is amazing. Then, I finally opened the box and pulled the Suzie Slayer out of its pouch. The pictures online do zero justice to how beautiful the bocote wood actually is in real life! I just wanted to hang it from the mantle, like a family heirloom. It was hard to put it to my mouth and blow notes into it. My thoughts were that using the Suzie Slayer would depreciate this masterpiece. I had to though. I needed to hear it in all its glory! I was happy I had gotten some warm-up on the Drake Slayer because I was greatly rewarded with the notes and tones that the Suzie let escape as I worked her to the best of my ability! Oh I could picture these quacks reaching greenheads through the cold marshes and getting them to turn towards my spread! The Drake Slayer is a great call, but this masterpiece, this Suzie Slayer, will be my go to call this season.

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