Ranger acrylic duck call in blue featured against a black background and color swatchesSlayer Calls line up of Ranger duck calls in every color variation - blue, orange, yellow, green and black

The Ranger, Single Reed


Give this single reed duck call every ounce of air you’ve got, then watch as the high-flying mallard formation dives in your direction.

DUBAR mallard duck call in green pearl with orange insert

DUBAR Single Reed


Crafted to mimic the tooth-like notches of a duck’s mouth, this call is simple to use, super ducky and is much less likely to stick or freeze on you — this call is nasty raspy and “ducked” up beyond all recognition.

Slayer's limited edition Ranger duck call featured with a garnet barrel and black insert - a very loud collector's duck call

Ranger SR, Limited Edition


Check out the limited edition Ranger. Each single reed call is individually numbered 001-250, making it the collector’s choice for loud duck calls.

Drake Slayer double reed duck call - color, citrineSlayer Calls line up of Drake Slayer duck calls in every color variation - blue, black, green, pink, yellow, and orange

Drake Slayer, Single Reed


Crafted with serious duck hunters in mind, this Single Reed acrylic duck call unlocks sounds like Cajun squeals and long-range highballs.

A white acrylic cutdown duck call on a black background.Pearly Gates Cutdown call from Slayer Calls, in orange, yellow, blue and white pearlOut of stock

Pearly Gates Cutdown


Hallelujah! This attention-grabbing acrylic cutdown call draws ducks in, so you can send more mallards heavenward.

Slayer CUTDOWN 00 duck call

Slayer CUTDOWN 00


An entry level cutdown call. The Slayer CUTDOWN 00 features a tone board that’s been cut down and reshaped for more realistic duck vocalizations.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Drake Single Reed

Great call you guys!! Love the raspiness in the call. While also being able to hit it hard when you want some range in the call. Will definitely be on my land yard this season.

Drake Single Reed

Love the Drake Single Reed! It’s the fourth call on my lanyard but will be my go-to this season. It has a pure tone, can get low and raspy but can crank out a hail call with the best of them. Price point is perfect for this call. You won’t be disappointed. Bonus – love the looks of this call!

Drake Single Reed

My most used call last season, tested on over 75 duck hunts in multiple states, from Alaska to Texas and along the Pacific Coast, from September through January. A great sounding call that performs well in a range of conditions and reaches great volume without distortion in high winds, rains, and across big water.

Drake Single Reed

This call has to be one of my favorite duck calls I’ve ever used. Super easy for beginners. Doesn’t take a ton of air like other calls.

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