Learning to call geese is one of the more difficult calls to master in waterfowl hunting. Fast-track your goose calling skills with Call the Wild’s start-to-finish video series.

Goose Series

Beginner & Intermediate courses available now!

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Meet your instructor, experienced waterfowler Tommy Sessions. He’s been hunting ducks & geese in Idaho since he was a kid.

Sound like a Goose

Develop a killer arsenal of goose calling skills and find success in the field.

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Hunting & calling Canada Geese

Parts of a Call

Commonly called “the guts”

Holding the Call

Hands, lips, and cheeks

Air Presentation

Hot air vs. cold air

Tongue Placement

Anchor your tongue

Teaching Visuals

Graphing the call

Buzz the Reed

The foundation for every note

Murmur Laydown Call

The moment of truth


Similar to a murmur


What the cluck


Moan, buzz, cluck

Cluck Moan

i.e., the Moan Cluck


Practice the fundamentals

Beginners Course

Explore the components of your call, learn breathing and tongue placement fundamentals, and practice your skills with 6 basic – but necessary – calls.


Intro to Intermediate

Welcome back

Hiccup Call

Open, close; open, close

Double Cluck

Two different pitches

Spit Note

Hyper, loud, excited

Spit Moan

“Please come back!”

Hiccup Call

When you want to show off…

Rolling Double Cluck

Another multi-goose call

Laydown Variations

The quite killer

Taking a call apart

Know your call, inside and out

That's a wrap

You now have an arsenal of calling skills

Intermediate Course

Take on more complex goose calls, including advanced clucks, the Traditional Double Cluck, the Split Moan, the Hiccup Call, and the Rolling Double Cluck. 10 video lessons in all.


See What Our Subscribers Are Saying


Love the course!! Been calling a few years now and it’s hard to find simple but complex instructions like this. The grunt thing has been a habit I picked up from a buddy and I like how you said it’s a bad habit and showed why. The ut and hut I’m struggling on but it’s a good course overall so far!


The calling series videos are great!!! I AM BY NO MEANS A GOOD CALLER and the videos I have watched so far have really helped me break some really bad calling habits I was taught from people who said "oh this is how you blow a duck/goose call." ... Everything in the series, from holding the call and technique to blow properly is great and is well worth the money.


The course has been a great help. I had no experience starting out but am starting to actually sound like a duck!


I have been hunting ducks for over 20 years and have always just used the hunting season as my duck call “learning” and experience. Almost like on the job training. I have always wanted to get better but never really understood how. I really enjoyed the first couple courses on learning about the duck call and how to generate the right “air” for blowing into a call. It turns out that I have practiced bad habits for many years and it will take an off season of practice to learn the right way. I am hoping that this will improve my success as a waterfowl hunter.


I am very happy with the course. It is easy to follow and seems like it is built for a beginner but also if you are a seasoned caller it is a great refresher. The price tag is a great deal.


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Crafted to mimic the tooth-like notches of a duck’s mouth, this call is simple to use, super ducky and is much less likely to stick or freeze on you


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Crafted to mimic the tooth-like notches of a duck’s mouth, this call is simple to use, super ducky and is much less likely to stick or freeze on you