Enchantress push button elk call with Slayer bugle and camo sleeve

The Everything Pack


Everything you need to find success in the field — Slayer’s best selling Enchantress push button call, the ArchAngel acrylic bugle, two reeds from the Clearwater line and a military grade bugle tube strap.

Clearwater Elk Series - ArchAngel bugle tube shown with the North Fork and Miner elk reeds from Slayer's Clearwater Series

Clearwater Elk Series


Slayer’s top, in-the-field performers — the ArchAngel, the Miner and the North Fork. This American-made trio brings together durability, consistency and top-tier performance.

200 series Endure elk reed diaphragm, greenEndure elk reed by Slayer Calls featured with Slayer's ArchAngel and camo gear

Endure (Green)


A medium to high pressure call for intermediate / advanced callers. Create a wide range of lower-intensity bull calls — from conversational chuckles to location calls.

200 series Gladiator Elk Call, orange

Gladiator (Orange)


A medium pressure, versatile bull-cow-calf call that produces sweet cow sounds and gnarly bugles. Create all ranges of elk sounds and volumes. Made in the USA.

Slayer's Full Range elk reed collection - Resilience, Fortitude and Gladiator elk reedsOut of stock

Full Range Collection


Introducing a smorgasbord of elk reeds; three total, each with its own call style. Made in the USA. 

300 series Grit elk reed diaphragm, red

Grit (Red)


A high pressure call. Elk hunters who use a lot of air pressure love this call for deep growls, well-executed chuckles and screaming high notes. Intermediate / advanced.

100 series Resilience elk reed diaphragm, dark blueHunter with the Resilience elk mouth reed in his mouth, ready to use with Slayer's archangel elk bugle tube

Resilience (Dark Blue)


This easy-to-use, low air pressure call is great for all elk sounds. Create low volume bugles in close quarters to call in shy bulls. Good for every experience level. Made in the USA.

100-series Fortitude Elk Call, light blueFortitude elk reed featured against wood background

Fortitude (Light Blue)


Made with a higher stretch, the Fortitude is easy to use and produces higher pitched bugles and sweet cow / calf sounds. Great for all styles of bugling that don’t require a lot of air pressure. Made in the USA.

300 series Tenacity elk reed diaphragm, yellowOut of stock

Tenacity (Yellow)


Our highest pressure call helps you create deep growls, well-executed chuckles and screaming high notes. Requires a lot of air pressure. Intermediate / advanced.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

The Full Range

Great reeds! The sound range is great right out of the package, but seems to be getting even better as they break in. They have all been easy to control and put through all the sound motions, and I'm looking forward to putting them to work in the woods this fall.

The Fever

I ended up purchasing this collection after using the reeds that came with my ArchAngel bugle tube. For those looking to make shy bugles that will make your dog want to play look elsewhere. These reeds aren't messing around. The thicker latex took a little bit to get used to but once I did I was letting out loud high pitched bugles with guttural deep growls. I will definitely be using these this season when I want to be loud and aggressive or I'm searching adjacent basins for nearby bulls. Highly recommend. Thank you for another fantastic product Slayer!

The Gladiator

This is the Gladiator. I mean from the name alone this thing sounds mean. This is my go to reed when I want to sound big and ready to fight. When doing a bull calling cows bugle with this diaphragm it just sounds so good it is unreal. At first this call seemed tough and I had a hard time with it right off the bat, but after practicing with it quite a bit I love this call!

The Tenacity

This is by far one of my favorite reeds for bulging. Easy to hit all three notes, growl and Chuckle. I have every reed except the black 100 series. I always find myself picking the Tenacity as my go-to during the rut.

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