Orders & Shipping

The Slayer Calls team personally packages up your order. We know you can’t wait to get your hands on your new call and gear, so we aim to get it to the post office within one business day. 

If shipping to an address in the United States, most of our customers get their order in three to five days with standard flat rate shipping. You may also choose expedited domestic shipping at checkout to receive your order in two to three days. For custom orders, please allow 10-14 days for your package to arrive. If ordering for Christmas, please place custom call orders on or before December 7, 2022. 

Orders to Canada take 10 days on average to receive. If your order is custom, please allow 5-7 additional days for your package to arrive. 

Slayer ships through the good ol’ U.S. Postal Service. Once USPS has your package, you can expect to get it within three business days.

Non-customized calls and gear may be returned or exchanged within 21 days of the purchase date. They must be clean and in their original condition. Used turkey mouth calls, elk reeds and customized waterfowl calls are not eligible for return. In addition, limited edition calls are non-returnable. 

A important note about reeds: Reeds wear out with use. Most last approximately 2 to 4 weeks. The longevity of a reed can be shortened by heat, overuse and applying excessive pressure during use. Please store reeds in a cool area to protect them from the heat. This includes our the Enchantress call as you must protect the reed inside. We always recommend having back up reeds on hand.

To start a return, email us at info@slayercalls.com. Please provide us with your name and order number (if possible). We’ll email you back with information regarding your return. 

After we get your request, we’ll get you instructions for sending your call in. Once we get your shipment, we’ll issue your refund, or we’ll swap out your exchange and send it back to you. Customers are responsible for shipping costs on returns and exchanges. Please note that we do not refund shipping costs from the original shipment. 

About Slayer Calls

Since our founding in 2018, Slayer Calls’ mission has been to share our obsession with the sport of hunting. 

Our goals include supporting new hunters with educational resources, showing long-time hunters some new tricks and creating a community for all of those obsessed with the hunt.

To further our mission, we donate 10% of every sale to organizations that support conservation efforts and the preservation of hunting for generations to come. 

Slayer was founded by a lifelong hunter on the idea that no one should ever again pay for another low-quality duck call — and that philosophy hasn’t changed as we’ve expanded our range of calls.

Our team is just as obsessed with hunting elk, ducks, geese and turkeys as you are, and we’re staking our reputation on creating the highest quality calls money can buy. And we make them right here in the U.S. of A. We’re confident that our hunting calls sound better, last longer and are easier to use than others on the market.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just ask the hordes of happy hunters who’ve left us 5-star reviews. Ask our Slayer PRO Staff, who swear by their Slayer calls. Ask world elk calling champion Cody McCarthy, who joined the Slayer team. Or ask Field & Stream, which crowned the Drake Slayer the best double-reed duck call of the year.

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

Not to brag, but we’ve been getting some serious kudos lately. Well, OK, we are going to brag. It’s kind of a big deal!

You also may have listened to us on Delta Waterfowl’s podcast. Or maybe you heard about us from one of Slayer Calls’ fans, like waterfowl calling champion Forrest Carpenter, elk calling world champion Cody McCarthy or The Wild Race star Jessica Ann

Re-Tuning Goose & Duck Calls

We currently offer re-tuning for our waterfowl calls. You can send your call in for a free re-tuning service (just pay for shipping and any new parts you need) if you own one of the following duck or goose calls:

Slayer’s calls were built to last. That’s why we offer our goose and duck call tuning service for free — you only pay for shipping and parts.

If you’re not comfortable tuning your call or it just doesn’t quite work like it used to, we’ve got your back. We offer four different goose and duck call tuning services:

  • Duck call tuning: Service only
  • Duck call tuning: Service with new inserts
  • Goose call tuning: Service only
  • Goose call tuning: Service with new guts

The labor for your tuning is free. The price you pay is just the price of shipping your call back to you and the wholesale cost of the parts, like new inserts or guts. 

You can start the re-tuning process by placing an order for one of the four call tuning services. We’ll send you an email with instructions for sending your call to us and get to work as soon as we receive your call. Our expert team will check your call over for any damage or missing pieces. If we find that the repair takes more than a simple tune-up, we’ll let you know.

If you have other questions or need support right away, please email us at support@slayercalls.com. We’re happy to help!

Of course! If you’d like to use the same made-in-America parts that came on your original Slayer call, we have reeds, guts and even the entire insert available to order. Add the parts to your cart to DIY:

The Product

We’re so glad you asked. Slayer’s calls are designed to outlast and outperform everything else on the market. These are some of the ways our calls stand out:

Commitment to quality: Our calls are well-made and produce the most realistic sounds. It’s the philosophy we founded Slayer Calls on. If you aren’t obsessed, we’ll make it right. 

Signature design: If you got it, flaunt it. Our acrylic calls — including the world’s first-ever acrylic elk call — just look better than the other guys’ calls. 

Made in America: We’re based in Idaho, home to great hunting on the water and in the mountains. All our calls are made and assembled here in the U.S.

Unrivaled customer experience: Complimentary re-tuning service for calls. PRO Staff who freely share their expertise. Employees as obsessed with customer satisfaction as they are with hunting. Need we say more?

We’ve got some tips in each call’s description that may help you compare and choose the right one for you — but here’s the short version:

Duck hunting

Goose hunting

Elk hunting

Still not sure? You can get free personalized advice by emailing support@slayercalls.com or hitting up one of our PRO Staff on Instagram.

We’re obsessed with preserving America’s hunting heritage, so we love introducing newbies to the sport! 

For new duck hunters, the easiest call to start on is the Drake Slayer Double Reed: our original duck call that does it all. It’s the most versatile hunting call on our lanyard and easy to blow with realistic sound.

For new waterfowlers going after geese, we suggest the Tar Belly Slayer speck call. Users don’t need to worry about putting their hands in an exact position to create their own back pressure.

If you’re new to mouth calling, The Slayer Spring Training Kit has three diaphragms that provide everything you’ll need to take down turkeys.

For hunters setting out for their first elk hunt, grab the Cody McCarthy Signature Series, recommended by the elk calling world champion himself. It’s got all the basics to get you started.