Slayer Split Triple


Speak the entire spectrum of the wild turkey’s vocabulary with the new Slayer Split Triple. Ultra-natural yelps, sharp-edged cutts and seductive purrs.

Slayer Black Bat Wing (BBW)


If the Slayer Black Bat Wing turkey diaphragm were something other than a call, it would be duct tape. Why? Because there’s simply nothing it can’t do well.

Slayer Center Cut Triple


Simple, yet effective. The new Slayer Center Cut Triple puts the whole of the wild turkey’s vocabulary into your hands.

Slayer Snake Bite


Deadly…yet anything but silent. The new Slayer Snake Bite turkey mouth call is ready to strike, and rattl’n up gobblers from coast to coast.

Slayer Fang Cutter


Step up to the next level of turkey calling complexity this spring with the new-to-the-field Slayer Fang Cutter turkey mouth call.

The Slayer Sweet Talk’r Kit, 3-Pack


For those times when that ‘Ole Longbeard needs just a little more convincing, Slayer’s Sweet Talk’r diaphragm 3-pack lets you say exactly what he wants to hear.