Slayer Fang Cutter


Step up to the next level of turkey calling complexity this spring with the new-to-the-field Slayer Fang Cutter turkey mouth call.

Slayer Snake Bite


Deadly…yet anything but silent. The new Slayer Snake Bite turkey mouth call is ready to strike, and rattl’n up gobblers from coast to coast.

Slayer Center Cut Triple


Simple, yet effective. The new Slayer Center Cut Triple puts the whole of the wild turkey’s vocabulary into your hands.

Slayer Black Bat Wing (BBW)


Named BEST turkey mouth call by Field & Stream in 2023, Slayer’s Black Bat Wing is like duct tape. Why? There’s simply nothing it can’t do.

Slayer Split Triple


Speak the entire spectrum of the turkey’s vocabulary with Slayer’s Split Triple. Ultra-natural yelps, sharp-edged cutts and seductive purrs.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Spring Fever, 3-Pack

The perfect starter kit for anyone wanting to learn a diaphragm turkey call! I’ve recommended this set to a few guys now as they’ve taken on the challenge to learn this type of call. All three of these cuts are really easy to use, the red being a good starting point, white will add a more raspy sound, and the orange ghost cut giving a little more control for fínese sounds.

Sweet Talk’r, 3-Pack

These are great calls. Hopefully I get a turkey this year with them. They sound great.

Slayer Black Bat Wing

This thing is ready to go straight out of the package. Absolute breeze to use — amateur or veteran! You need this in your turkey vest at all times!

Fang Cutter

Awesome go to call at any point of the hunt! Easy to get loud with to get any gobblers attention or get soft and quiet for those early morning tree yelps.