The Honker, Canada Goose CallThe Slayer Honker in snow mesh on the ground

Honker Slayer Goose Call


Save your breath with the Honker goose call. With guts that perform like they’re 10 years broken in, you’ll lure in the Canada geese.

Tar Belly Slayer, Specklebelly Goose CallSlayer VIP sporting Slayer's Tar Belly speck call on his lanyard in the field holding a speckle belly goose

Tar Belly Slayer


Save your breath with the Tar Belly Slayer call, uniquely designed to produce multi-note yodels, clucks and murmurs with minimal air pressure.

Honker guts, goose call guts by Slayer Calls

Goose Call Guts


Goose call guts gone bad? Check out these replacement parts made specifically to fit in our top-of-the-line goose calls.

Tuning service and reeds for goose and duck calls

Call Tuning Service


Slayer calls were built to last. That’s why we offer our free goose and duck call tuning service — only pay for shipping and parts.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

The Honker

I got the iced Crackerjack and man, what a beautiful call! It’s easy to blow but also has some great ranges with the moans and clucks. I highly recommend getting this goose call if you are in the market for a new call.

The Tar Belly

The Tar Belly call is a quality built and a great sounding call. The sound of this call is fantastic and it's built to last. I am very impressed with every Slayer call I have purchased. I also think it's great to see the slayer team at sportsman shows. I was able to meet some of the founders of Slayer and they are down to earth people who have hunted their entire life. It's great to see products made by people who know what's needed and I really feel there's no better call on the market than Slayer.

The Honker

I collect goose calls and I’m always trying new ones. This Slayer goose call actually surprised me, easy to blow and sounds really good. I especially like the moans this call can do. I’ll be carrying this call in the field with me this fall! If you’re looking for a good sounding call and easy to blow, give this Slayer call a try. Shipping was fast and Jen from customer service was fantastic!

The Honker

This call is in my top 5! Looks alone and the sound is off the chain!! Great call.