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The complete elk calling system combines simplicity and unbeatable sound in this easy-to-use cow call and attachable bugle tube — complete with a paracord strap and 1 back up reed. Buy additional reeds here

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When we first released the Enchantress, we knew we had something revolutionary on our hands. Finally — an external elk call capable of producing all the unique and realistic sounds needed to lure in calves, cows and big bulls. Best of all, we made it compatible with our Swagger bugle tube, so users could magnify their sound and produce impressive bulges, all without mouth diaphragms or reeds. 

Now, the Enchantress Collection is bringing all of that together in a bundle you won’t want to miss. Our Enchantress Collection includes the Enchantress push call, bugle tube and a hands-free strap. This is the perfect collection for any hunter looking to call in a monster elk without a reed. Simply call ’em in and pack ’em out.

The Enchantress Collection includes:

  • Enchantress External Elk Call (1): The most realistic sounding push elk call on the market. 5.76 oz
  • Swagger Bugle Tube (1): Covered in Kryptek’s Altitude camo, this tube attaches to the Enchantress cow call for bugles and lip bawl bugles. 9.05 oz
  • Bugle Tube Strap (1): Connects to any bugle tube. This 50″ strap is built to last with military-grade paracord. 2.3 oz
  • Enchantress Cow Call Replacement Reed (1): Easy and fast to change out.

Each Enchantress Collection includes two (2) total reeds — the Enchantress cow call comes ready to use with one reed in place. Another reed is there for back up. Most elk reeds last roughly 2 to 4 weeks. The longevity of a reed can be impacted based on how you store them, how much you are using them, and how much pressure you are putting on the Enchantress call when blowing. Please make sure you store the Enchantress in a cool area to protect the call and reed from the heat and always have back up reeds on hand. You can purchase additional reeds here.

Don’t need the full collection? Check out the Enchantress Combo — the push button cow call and attachable Swagger bugle tube.

Looking for reviews? Our collection is new BUT customers have weighed in on the Enchantress Combo. Check out what customers have to say about the cow call + bugle system.


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7 reviews for Enchantress Collection

  1. Mark Sanders (verified owner)

    Not the hunting season yet, but all came in fast and complete, can’t wait for the action!!

  2. rodburke16 (verified owner)

    I have used mouth calls and a bugle tube all my hunting life. I decided to give the enchantress collection a try.
    My elk hunting does not start for sometime, So practice is and has been the easiest call to do well.
    Wow where has this been all my life. Looking forward to calling in my wife’s bull and mine, if possible at the same time.

  3. John Sanders (verified owner)

    Order was processed and deliver very fast!

    Have not had a chance to test the Elk call yet but plan to use it this year during archery season.

    Expecting great results.

  4. Joe O’Kelley (verified owner)

    The Enchantress Game Collection game call is definitely a game changer. With its ease of use and operation it makes you wonder where it’s been all your life! I’ve been using bugle tubes for a long time along with diaphragms and it’s something that takes a long time to get a handle on and actually start to sound like a Bull Elk or a mewing Cow in estress. With the Enchantress all you have to do is put the mouth piece on the bugle tube to start ripping bugles that will make a Bull jealous. Mix it up with taking the mouth piece off to mew like a Cow Elk during the rut and you’re guaranteed to attract the attention of a satellite Bull or even the herd Bull himself. Needless to say, this is definitely my go-to bugle tube and it should be yours too! With the amount of guides that you’re supplied from the folks at Slayer Calls you’ll be the center of attention come rut.

  5. Darren Coffman (verified owner)

    Will still take a little practice but definitely a lot easier than trying to use a reed call The bugle helps promote the sounds you are making. Can’t wait for elk season

  6. Donna Smith (verified owner)

    Best elk call I have ever used it is the most realistic and the easiest to use not only did we call in tons of bulls but also called in some hunters that thought we were elk called in my sons 7×7 stud came on a string

  7. Glamson12 (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly and works great ! Easy to use and sounds legit!

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