Bill Ayer | CEO


Bill founded Slayer Calls to create a ridiculously high-quality call for the everyday hunter that works flawlessly in the field, every time. Our chief executive officer is passionate about conservation, protecting wildlife and sharing the sport of hunting with new generations. Bill has been hunting since he was old enough to walk.

Bill’s greatest obsession: Is it too obvious to say hunting? Because it’s definitely hunting.


Cody’s hunted the Idaho and Oregon wilderness for over two-thirds of his life, so it’s no wonder our coach and head of product innovation has a lot to say about the impact of Mother Nature. His personal philosophy is that joy comes from working hard and trusting the process, which makes him an invaluable member of the Slayer team.

Cody’s greatest obsession:Health and wellness. When he’s not out in the field, you’ll likely find him at his gym—Peak Fitness in Emmett, Idaho.


Cody McCarthy | Coach & Head of Product Innovation


Joe McCarthy | Product Innovation Lead

Long before he joined the Slayer team, Joe developed an interest and skill for making his own elk and turkey call reeds. He’s a natural self-teacher, a fierce competitor in the field, and he believes that the solution to life’s negativity is finding balance in the great outdoors.

Joe's greatest obsession:Helping and supporting others. Before he retired in 2020, Joe spent 30 years working as a police officer and detective.


Hunting, fishing and the outdoors have been part of the fabric of Jen’s life since her childhood in the South. You can always find her ready for a high-action outdoor adventure, especially if her two golden retrievers are involved. Our chief operating officer brings over a decade of experience obsessively growing a super successful tech startup to Slayer and the hunting community.

Jen’s greatest obsession: Jeeping and hiking in some of her favorite spots: Utah, Colorado, Idaho and Arizona.


Jennifer Hetherington | COO


Stephanie Ayer | Customer experience lead


Stephanie grew up a small-town girl who escaped outside for four-wheeling, boating and camping adventures. Our customer experience lead has spent decades caring for her clients and finds joy in giving them a flawless experience, down to the smallest details. Stephanie loves animals — especially horses and dogs — and spending time with her daughters and grandkids.

Stephanie’s greatest obsession: Horseback riding. She began as a girl and still events on her Irish sport horse, Ollie.


Lisa loves to explore the world around her, whether she’s learning about an ancient culture or trying new foods. She’s always capturing the smallest details of life from behind her camera lens. Our social media and design lead brings to Slayer her creative expertise from decades spent shaping a retail giant’s customer experience through presentation, product and people.

Lisa’s greatest obsession: Traveling to far-off locales and getting to feel the heartbeat of each place.


Lisa Grimes | Social media & design lead


Matt Carey, Call the Wild Instructor

Matt Carey | Call the Wild instructor

For Matt, it's always duck season in Tennessee. In the chilly months, you can find Matt in the blind with a shotgun. Outside the official season, you can find him shooting ducks with a professional camera. From the time this Georgia boy first hunted in the flooded timber in Arkansas after college, he was hooked. It's not an exaggeration to say that hunting has changed the landscape of Matt's life.

Matt’s greatest obsession: Pulling back the curtain on hunting through photography to inspire people like him — people who come from families that didn't hunt — to get out and try something new.


As a teen, Tommy was the kid you never saw in the first and second hour of high school — because he was still out chasing ducks and geese when classes began. He easily hunted 90 days out of the 100-day waterfowl season in Idaho and competed in calling competitions. These days, Tommy regularly gets outdoors with his wife and three kids to hunt and fish when he's not running his construction business.

Tommy's greatest obsession: Elk hunting. He started with rifle hunting, then discovered archery and bugling for bulls, so he typically hunts two tags a year.

Tommy Sessions

Tommy Sessions | Content Creator