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Crafted with serious duck hunters in mind, this Single Reed acrylic duck call unlocks sounds like Cajun squeals and long-range highballs.

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You’re not a truly obsessed duck hunter without a single-reed on your lanyard and a ringing highball in your repertoire.

Whether the Drake Slayer is your first single-reed call or your 50th, slayers say this call is the easiest-to-blow single-reed call on the market. Even our CEO, Bill “Duck Slayer” Ayer, says he’s among the vast majority of hunters who couldn’t blow a single-reed — until he created the Drake Slayer.

We agonized over the single-reed construction until we found the perfect back pressure, which creates just enough hold for a range of squeals, whines and calls. The Drake Slayer’s design practically begs for a good Cajun squeal. Fine control over highballs, bouncing hens and refuge feed calls is within your grasp.

This American-made call has a superior tone from the high end all the way to the bottom. From its ringing hail call to its quiet timber call, you’re ready to find waterfowl in any terrain. And with its gorgeous acrylic barrel, the Drake Slayer is ready to go wherever adventure takes you.

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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Single Reed




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47 reviews for Drake Slayer, Single Reed

  1. Michael Cain (verified owner)

    I love this call! I had been looking for a single reed that was easy to run. Jen told me to give this one a shot and I loved it right out of the box. Love the sound, easy to work, loud when you need it and soft to finish. Great call!! Ever better communication from the guys and gals at Slayer. They take they time to answer questions and really make you feel like they appreciate your business. I’m a Slayer customer for life!!

  2. Keven Blair (verified owner)

    Extremely well put together product. Holds up well in the conditions I hunt in, and sounds amazing. Definitely a lot of range in it. The design is also an amazing plus for this call looks great!

  3. Brent S (verified owner)

    I finally decided to bite the bullet and actually spend some money on a quality call. Night and day difference on the the capabilities and sound of this call vs the $40-$55 calls I have been buying. I am able to go thru a full range of notes on greeting calls. It does well with loud volumes as well as soft, quiet calling. So far the reed has not stuck unlike those of the cheaper varieties. It does take a little more volume of air to blow but you get use to that. All in all, I would recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade their call game.

  4. Jack P (verified owner)

    I am fairly new to the calling and duck hunting world. I learned how to call on a double Reed last season, and I was looking to make the switch to a single Reed this season. After a ton of research I decided to pull the trigger on the Drake slayer, and it quickly became my favorite call on my lanyard just from blowing it in my truck. I can’t wait to hunt with it this season and get some ducks in the boat.
    The Drake slayer has a beautiful quack and nice rasp to it if you want or you can make it clean and crisp. I am obsessed with this call. It pairs perfect with the slayer ranger

  5. Kevin Schumacher

    I would like to leave a two part review, my initial thoughts on the call and another one when I put the call through it paces on a cold Northern Maine hunt and see how it holds up. I’m your average duck hunter that is obsessed with duck hunting. I am by no means a candidate to win any duck calling contest but I can change a ducks mind when he passes by my spread to give me a second look. Just like about every duck hunter out there every year I buy the newest and latest calls to see what they are about. And to be honest most of them end up on my shelf to look pretty. I have very little room on my lanyard so I am a bit picky on what call goes on it. I have everything from a 20 year old call to now the new Drake Slayer single reed duck call on my lanyard. First thing I noticed when I took it out of the box, is that it’s a dang good looking call. So I set out to see what this call sounds like. Now we all have had single reed calls that needed so much back pressure it seemed like you would have to blow your ear drums out just to create enough back pressure, that’s a bit dramatic, but you know what I mean. This single reed call is so easy to use, it’s going to spoil you, it’s a Cadillac, for me the tone is spot on and the volume is easily controlled and switching from a soft chuckle to a loud high ball can be done without having to suck in a bunch of air to get more back pressure, all you need to do is just change your cadence and the call will do the rest. If your new to the duck world and are a little hesitant to spend the money on a high end acrylic call, this is the one you want to spend the money on, no need be afraid of a single reed if you get this call. For you seasoned boys and girls, no doubt this call will have a place on your lanyard, you just need to figure out which call you are going to retire so the Duck Slayer single reed can take it’s place. I’ll do another review during duck season to let y’all know how it works out in the harsh Northern Maine weather, but for now go order one and lets kill some ducks this year! You wont be disappointed.

  6. debrunnerdon

    Ease of use, range and quality is top notch! Let’s not forget the customer service Slayer provides is also next level.

  7. James Roach (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic! My first slayer call but I’m about to purchase the Canadian goose call as well. The best thing I can say is, don’t be afraid of the single reed. It’s so easy to blow once you get your air delivery correct. With a weeks practice you can be SOLID. just buy it, the cheaper calls can’t hold a candle to these. It’s just not the same.

  8. Blake M. (verified owner)

    Bought for a friend who has never had a single reed he liked, but as soon as he blew this call he wouldn’t stop talking about how great it sounded!

  9. Matt Hingston (verified owner)

    Awesome duck call. Love being able to hit the call hard on a quick comeback call and get that natural sounding raspiness that gets them turned back around.

    This is my second call from Slayer and they never disappoint. Great company and you are not going to find better customer service anywhere.

  10. Wayne Neufeld (verified owner)

    Great Call

  11. David Little

    Great call, quality sound!!! I felt like i could get high when I needed and low when I needed too. With crisp sound all the way around

  12. Will E (verified owner)

    Great Call!

  13. Brandon Bergsma (verified owner)

    As a new hunter/caller I was skeptical at spending the money on a high end call. After buying a few low budget calls that came with good reviews I wasn’t happy with the sound I was able to get. I did some resurch and a lot of looking around before I settled on Slayer calls and after receiving the drake slayer I couldn’t be happier. My calling seemed to get better over night. This call is easy to learn on and will be on my lanyard on every hunt.

  14. Scott Bergsieker (verified owner)

    Great all around hunting call! I use the Drake Slayer as my go-to call on my lanyard for all calling ranges. I pair it with a single reed Ranger when I need a little extra volume on windy days. The Drake Slayer is hands down my favorite finishing call I have come across. It gets down low with little to no air, is raspy, and most importantly – does NOT stick! I highly recommend this call!

  15. Conner Menez (verified owner)

    Great call you guys!! Love the raspiness in the call. While also being able to hit it hard when you want some range in the call. Will definitely be on my land yard this season.

  16. John R (verified owner)

    Great call & quality

  17. Michael T Conley (verified owner)

    This will be my 2nd year duck hunting. I purchased several calls last year and received one at Christmas. I work in an environment that I can spend quite a bit of time practicing my calling. I’ve watched dozens of YouTube videos on how to use a duck call. With all the money and time invested so far into duck hunting, I really wanted great calls for this year. Back and forth on YouTube and on forums until I came across Slayer Calls. They had great reviews, sounded awesome, and look like pieces of artwork! Shipping was quick and I was excited to come home from work and see their package on my doorstep. The boxes were bright green and black. Inside the calls were in cloth pouches. The moment arrived and they looked better in person than online!!! I didn’t even want to attempt to operate the Drake Slayer Single-Reed! It’s gorgeous! But when I did, it was music to my ears! I’ve recorded myself several times in different environments and the call just sounds amazing! I brought it on my last early season teal hunt to show it off to a buddy. He really liked it’s sound and the way it looked! Can’t wait to call them greenheads in with it!

  18. SCOTT HAUGEN (verified owner)

    My most used call last season, tested on over 75 duck hunts in multiple states, from Alaska to Texas and along the Pacific Coast, from September through January. A great sounding call that performs well in a range of conditions and reaches great volume without distortion in high winds, rains, and across big water.

  19. Jo (verified owner)

    Best duck call ever!!! Love that I could make my duck call personal with some of my dog’s titles and her name on the duck call. So many colors to choose from and style! If you are looking for a duck call, slayer duck calls are the ones to get!! Very good service and came through the mail on time!
    Easy to use!

  20. Jeff Murray (verified owner)

    Heard this call at the DU expo in Ft. Worth. Tested it and was very impressed with how easy it was to blow…low and raspy. This will be my go-to call. I liked it so well I got the Suzie also.

  21. Austin Crowson

    This has to be one of my favorite duck calls I’ve ever used. Super easy for beginners. Doesn’t take a ton of air like other calls. Highly recommend.

  22. Carson (verified owner)

    I met the Slayer crew at the Hunting Expo this year and after trying some of the calls I ended up buying a goose call right there! 😅 After a couple days I ordered a single reed duck call. I loved how raspy it was at the expo and couldn’t get my mind off it.

  23. Landon Patterson (verified owner)

    Love this call. I have practiced with it a lot and sounds very good. Great call. Definitely worth the money.

  24. Nicole Dellinger (verified owner)

    The single reed drake is amazing! We had them personalized and they turned out great. We also ordered the turkey calls and my son loves them.

  25. Jeremy T Gochis (verified owner)

    Slayer single reed drake & single reed Goose are Simply Amazing ! Easy to blow calls & the sounds are top notch!! I’ve been playing with my calls since I opened the boxes. I highly recommend Slayer Calls if you want to help get the birds into your face this next season! Not to mention the Slayer Family is an Outstanding group of People !!

  26. Michael (verified owner)

    Got the engraved call for my young nephew, a tradition in my family to pass down hunting items. I hope someday he passes it down to his son. Great call, great business. Thanks

  27. Ryan Olsen (verified owner)

    Bought this call for my son’s birthday, he loves the call. Sound is great and it’s definitely unique. Will be purchasing myself one before the season

  28. Zachary Anderson

    Very good customer service, that’s for sure and you don’t get that with a lot of these different companies out there. And about the call – at first I was having troubles with it sticking on me when calling but I went to a hunting show and learned that having the top of the reed line up with the logo when putting it together helps. Great tip I have never thought of that making a difference but it sure did. Call worked awesome. Could not be happier!!!!

  29. Hunter stanley

    These calls are unmatched! Make everything into the blind easier!

  30. Allen (verified owner)

    Always been afraid to buy a more expensive call. What have I been missing. You can get high calls and low calls with this jewel. Going to be putting it to the test this weekend in Arkansas. Well worth the money and I will be buying the double reed before next season. Love it!

  31. Kim Dewey (verified owner)

    This was bought as a Christmas gift. They absolutely love it.
    The color is vibrant. He loves the personalization. And the the sound is great.

  32. Rachel (verified owner)

    I got my husband this call for Christmas and he’s obsessed. He loves the color and the engraving! He has not had a chance to take it hunting yet but has been practicing around the house (RIP MY EARS LOL). He loves the way it sounds and is hoping to put it to use this weekend! Also, the customer service was great and the email response time was fast 🙂

  33. Dustin

    My wife got me one for Christmas this year and this call sounds amazing. I have had many many calls over the years and nothing compares to this one. Super easy to use single reed and can not state enough how good this call is. Already know this will be my main and possibly only call. I’ll be using and have only used it for about 10 minutes. Will definitely be ordering the others just because of how good this one is. She also stated they reached out with a personalized email to make sure everything was to satisfaction so great customer service. Thank you!!

  34. Summer W. (verified owner)

    Ordered for my husband for Christmas and he loves it! He even ordered two more calls. Great customer service, and shipping time was wonderful!

  35. Sheila Vue

    I’ve got the Honker Goose call in addition to a double reed Drake Slayer call. The Drake Slayer is very user-friendly/easy to learn on, one I would recommend to any hunter across different levels of experience. I am impressed with the versatility of tone from low and soft quacks, to crisp hail and feeder calls. I’m now looking at picking up their bocote wood call and customizing it with both a band engraving and a logo (love that Slayer offers these options). On their website, Slayer has also included sound profiles, so you do get a general idea of the quality of sound/range these calls project.
    Regarding the Honker Goose call, this is my very first goose call so I’m very much looking forward to learning how to master the art with this particular call.
    Overall, great quality products – it certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re easy on the eyes and definite head turners to both ducks and humans alike.

    Also, it appears Slayer is working on launching some elk calls, being an archery hunter in Colorado, I am super excited to see what they have in store.

  36. Spencer Holmes (verified owner)

    Awesome Company. Great Calls. Customer Service is exceptional.

  37. DK

    Really liking the call, the more I use it the better it sounds. Almost makes me think I know what I’m doing.

  38. Bill Hassett (verified owner)

    I’m 82 years young and without a doubt this Slayer single reed is the finest call I’ve ever used. Less effort to make the kind of sounds necessary to get the ducks attention and keep it!
    Just ordered another.

  39. Sawyer Bowers

    Slayer makes a great call and it’s comes form a great group of people. They also have a sound clip of the call so you don’t even need to try it out they have it right there for you. Slayer makes a great unique design. It is the best looking and sounding call out there. Definitely would recommend slayer calls to everyone!

  40. Blake Moulton

    Great sounding call one of the best on the market! The only call I’ll be blowing this season!

  41. Ryan Glatz (verified owner)

    Best duck and goose call out there! I started with one than purchased them all, service was great as well. Can’t wait to push this brand. Jen your awesome!

  42. Megan E Keyser (verified owner)

    The perfect gift for your significant other! Bought this as one of the wedding gifts for my husband. He absolutely LOVED it! 10/10 would recommend this company and duck call to anyone looking! They called to reach out to me to make sure the product was what we were looking for, and to make sure everything was as I ordered. They are very professional, and amazing to work with! Would definitely order from them again in the future!!

  43. Todd Tucker

    Great call to add to the lanyard very easy blowing and a great price.

  44. Rick Bartelme (verified owner)

    Love this call. It’s the fourth call on my lanyard but will be my go-to this season. It has a pure tone, can get low and raspy but can crank out a hail call with the best of them. Price point is perfect for this call. You won’t be disappointed. Bonus – love the looks of this call!!

  45. Dave

    I’ve never had as much success as I’ve had when I used the Slayer- the quality is pretty nice, and it feels like it should last a long time, and shipping was quick. Thanks!


  46. Camron Oliver

    I’ve hunted ducks all my life. I’ve used just about every call out there and haven’t really found “the one” untill I got a slayer in my hand I was just an average caller. Now that my calls are all slayer duck calls I can pull duck’s into the spread like a champ. I have definitely been able to get limits every time I hunt now thank’s to slayer duck calls.

  47. Garett Hobbs

    Great call, quality sound! I felt like i could get high when i needed and low when i needed too. With crisp sound across the bored

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