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Step up your slay game with the Cadillac of duck calls. The luxurious bocote Suzie Slayer is a wooden call with the finesse to work the wariest ducks.

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Go ahead. Make ’em jealous. You’re going to ooze class when you bring Suzie to the duck club.

The Suzie Slayer’s Brazilian bocote wood barrel isn’t just a drool-worthy beauty. This traditional wooden duck call gives a soft, subtle presentation compared to fully acrylic calls. It’s perfect for late-season hunts, when shy and wary ducks need a quiet call delivered with finesse to commit to your decoy spread.

Earlier in the season, take advantage of the full volume range to adjust the loudness of your call, whether you’re hunting in the field, in timber or near open water.

The American-made Suzie Slayer’s double-reed construction and acrylic soundboard has a superior tone from the high end all the way to the bottom. Serious duck callers value the control and sophistication they can get from the call with sounds like the bouncing hen, Cajun squeals and refuge feed. So go on — step up your slay game.

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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Double Reed


Acrylic, Bocote Wood


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42 reviews for Suzie Slayer, Double Reed

  1. Hunter Vredenburgh (verified owner)

    Bought a call and had my bestfriends sons name engraved into it. It will be a baby gift for them and also his first duck call to be passed down! The call is excellent and was very affordable! Thank you for making such a great memory possible!

  2. Jerry Moll (verified owner)

    Im very fond of wooden calls and the Suzie Slayer did not disappoint. Its a great sounding little call, that has everything you need from high volume attention getting calls at distant ducks, to the finesse of low soft feed chatter to draw them in close. The suzie slayer is a great all around call. This call is definitely DogMan approved.

    Da DogMan
    Southern Tradition Dog Training
    Obedience and Gun Dog Kennels

  3. Ken (verified owner)

    I’ve been hunting duck for little over a year now. Mostly lakeside and marshes. I started on a hand-me-down call from a friend and went through over a dozen other calls. All poly. This is worlds apart from the rest. Amazing sound for all types of calling. Don’t mess around with the cheap plastic bullshit, just buy this one, you’ll be glad you did. Shipped super fast as well.

  4. S Baker (verified owner)

    Great tone! Love this call

  5. Mark s

    Call sounds phenomenal, looks great. it came up short on finishing touches. There are a few globs of extra epoxy around the band on the call not a huge deal but is distracting especially for a call with beautiful wood. Wish someone would of taken the extra 2 seconds to wipe off the excess

    • Jennifer Hetherington (verified owner)

      Mark, I’m so sorry there was epoxy on your call. We take quality very seriously and appreciate you taking the time to let us know. We will take this information back to our quality control team.

  6. Mario (verified owner)

    In researching top double reed duck calls earlier this season, I became more familiar with the options Slayer offered. Even better, they are in my backyard! I ordered and received my Suzie Slayer in November. It’s been part of my lanyard since and has not disappointed! It’s likely just the first of my Slayer purchases.

  7. Andy Merrell (verified owner)

    Once again another awesome call from Slayer. The suzie slayer is extremely soft for those late season call shy birds but has the spunk to get loud. Awesome call once again

  8. Klay

    I love this call! Recommend it 100%! Easy to use and it brings the ducks into the spread! Used it last weekend for the youth/veteran opener. Got our 5 man limit!

  9. Marcus Skinner (verified owner)

    Beautiful wood barreled duck call. Very easy to blow and sounds very ducky. More subdued in terms of volume than the arylic calls, perfect for finishing ducks. Paired with excellent customer service and you’ve got yourself a winning combo.

  10. Stephen Gadberry

    Great call. Crisp and loud with a warm and bright tone. Not to mention beautiful craftsmanship.

  11. Jim Wade (verified owner)

    Great sound. Beautiful call.

  12. Gary R (verified owner)

    The Suzie slayer has a really nice soft tone. I bought this towards the end of the season along with their call training app. Last hunt of the year the crew finally didn’t tell me to put my call away! Thanks Slayer crew!

  13. Brian Cardin (verified owner)

    Really like the tone & volume. Can’t wait to use in blind next season, and will most likely update another call with a Slayer.

  14. Lance Townsend (verified owner)

    Beautiful call that sounds just as good. Great raspy sound and easy to manipulate into great calling sequences.

  15. Ross Wimberley (verified owner)

    Great call at a fair price! The company has been great to deal with as well.

  16. Ty Scott (verified owner)

    Great call well worth the money!

  17. James Tyson (verified owner)

    I bought the Suzy Slayer for my son and he used it on a recent trip to the Arkansas rice fields. This call is nasty in the best possible way. It gets super quiet and whiny when needed, but has a really ducky high end too. Being a double reed, it doesn’t take too much air to produce great sound. It is perfect as an all around call. I highly recommend.

  18. Donald Baranowski (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service. Great sounding call I will be getting another Slayer call soon.

  19. Jason Hargrove (verified owner)

    My son received this call for Christmas and he would not put it down ! He could not believe how natural it sounded and how easy it was to operate , I didn’t know a call could sound this natural . If you can’t finish them with this one , get some lessons , it’s not the call .
    The videos are great ! But when you hear the Susie Q live it’s hard to believe !

  20. Paul (verified owner)

    This is a great call that has a wide variety of tones and is durable. I primarily used this call over the last two weekends and it brought in several birds. Nothing like watching a Drake Mallard fly into your decoys cupped. I would highly recommend this call to friends and family.

  21. Brian Busby

    Recently got the Suzie slayer as a gift , best call I have ever had !!! Went hunting with it for the first time after receiving it and worked in a group of wigeon with it , first wigeons I have ever shot ! Highly recommend this call!!!

  22. Michael T Conley (verified owner)

    Brilliant! No other way to put it. I ordered the Suzie Slayer Double Reed and the Drake Slayer Single Reed. I started off messing around with the Drake Slayer. The acrylic is beautiful and the tone of the calls is amazing. Then, I finally opened the box and pulled the Suzie Slayer out of it’s pouch. The pictures online do zero justice to how beautiful the bocote wood actually is in real life! I just wanted to hang it from the mantle, like a family heirloom. It was hard to put it to my mouth and blow notes into it. My thoughts were that using the Suzie Slayer would depreciate this masterpiece. I had to though. I needed to hear it in all it’s glory! I was happy I had gotten some warm-up on the Drake Slayer because I was greatly rewarded with the notes and tones that the Suzie let escape as I worked her to the best of my ability! Oh I could picture these quacks reaching greenheads through the cold marshes and getting them to turn towards my spread! The Drake Slayer is a great call, but this, this masterpiece, this Suzie Slayer, will be my go to call this season.

  23. Richard (verified owner)

    Great call. I like the sound and the feel. A+ on the customer service too.

  24. Dale (verified owner)

    Bought this as going away gift for co worker/friend who had accepted a position in another state. He really likes duck hunting so it was the perfect gift. I was also looking for something that could be engraved. Slayer Calls fit bill, with the best looking calls and the best reviews I found thru my searching along with the added option of engraving it was a win win. The engraved Susie Slayer was shipped directly to my friend and I have received nothing but positive feedback. He replied that he really likes the look, the sound and the quality engraving job around the band. Said “ not sure I can bring myself to hunt with it, it’s too nice, will probably put on my desk at work and get a second one to hunt with”! It was engraved with his name, our state abbreviation and our agency acronym. Service and shipping were right on track too! Thanks Slayer Calls

  25. Erin Davis (verified owner)

    This was a very special gift I was able to give my boyfriend. I got this personal duck call for his dog he had to put down due to cancer. So far he has annoyed me everyday blowing his new duck call around the house but I can’t help but smile each time! She was his bestfriend for over 11 years. He will have this with him on all his future duck hunts to keep Libby right there with him! He gets a new duck dog around November from Southern Oaks Kennels so I might need to order another one for him!

  26. Phil (verified owner)

    Easy to blow with a great sound

  27. Tom Shirkey (verified owner)

    Great service. Great call. Absolutely love the wood. Nothing like a wood call. The sounds are fantastic. Very easy to blow and no problems calling slow or fast and low or high or soft and loud. A long way from our October 2022 opener but can’t wait to see what the ducks think. I think they will like it.

  28. Trinity Fitch (verified owner)

    It was a gift for my boyfriend; the customization was a great way to make it sentimental. Can’t wait to see it in action next season!

  29. Jonathan Miller (verified owner)

    Very good call. Worth every penny. Good service l will definitely be getting more of their calls and can’t wait to go slay a lot of ducks 👍

  30. Justin Hammonds (verified owner)

    They worked. Amazing. Best duck call I’ve ever purchased – well worth the money.

  31. Roy Branon (verified owner)

    Decent timber call. Nasally soft and ducky. Runs easy with light to medium back pressure. Better finishing call for timber than a hail call. (Wood barrel with polycarbonate insert) Used call last 20 days of Arkansas season to cokes call shy mallards in on public land. Had decent results. Very similar to Echo DRT.

  32. Levi Bird (verified owner)

    Beautiful call with unmatched calling ability.

  33. Krystal Meyer (verified owner)

    I bought this as a gift for my brother who is an avid duck hunter. This is by far his favorite duck call!

  34. Tristan Hood (verified owner)

    So so easy to order, & shipped out really quick. Love the customization offer & it turned out amazing! Also love the customer service & care they have for their customers!

  35. Joshua Fallick (verified owner)

    Sound is crisp and super realistic, minimal effort to produce such a beautiful American bird.

  36. Garrett (verified owner)

    Duck calls have a true challenge here in the Inland Northwest. Sub zero temps in the later season, and the variety of hunting that is available.. between small ponds and creeks to big open water lakes, river and fields. Many calls I have tried in the past couldn’t hold a flame to my Slayer call. Many of them would freeze up when I needed them most, and those that didn’t just did not have the range you need when calling near and far.
    Best hunting purchase in in years, it is the ‘go-to’ on my lanyard now.

  37. Kris

    Beautiful call with excellent versatility. As advertised and would recommend.

  38. James Stevenson (verified owner)

    I beyond happy with them. The customer service department is amazing. I spoke with the owner who lives in Eagle and told him I was passing through that area a few weeks ago. He offered to let me come by and test some calls at the house if I wanted to!

    You guys have a repeat customer for life

  39. Dave Wilburn (verified owner)

    Beautiful looking call to begin with and sounds great right out of the box. Every easy to blow and covers a full range of sounds from light feeding to loud come back ranges.

  40. Sarah Sharp (verified owner)

    Just recently bought one and it’s everything I wanted. I’m thankful for them taking the time and getting it done just in time for season. Definitely recommend!!

  41. Camron Oliver

    It’s pretty simple to say if you are not blowing a slayer duck call then you are not slaying duck’s. This call is a must have for any duck hunter wanting to boost your success in the field.

  42. maddie daniel

    super easy to use, it feels great in my hand, when i blow it, it uses such little air to get such a crisp sound. i worked so many birds with it. the customer service was amazing.

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