The Ranger, Single Reed


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Give this single reed duck call every ounce of air you’ve got, then watch as the high-flying mallard formation dives in your direction.

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When the mallards need that little bit of extra horsepower to pull them in, the Ranger Single Reed is the duck call for the job.

The Ranger is designed to let callers draw massive lungfuls of air and give the call all they’ve got. The result? Deafening volume, without losing the mallard call’s realistic, ducky sound.

To create this hardworking beauty, we made some adjustments to the five-star Drake Slayer Single Reed. Callers can put as much air as they want into the Ranger with its more open exhaust, longer tone board and less rise. This call is deadly on ducks that need that extra horsepower to pull them in.

The Ranger gives hunters the volume they’re looking for across hunting terrain without compromising on the versatility and range they expect from a single reed call. Experienced callers can produce realistic duck sounds like the bouncing hen, Cajun squeals, hails, and refuge feed.

This hard-wearing acrylic duck call makes a practical and enviable addition to any serious waterfowler’s lanyard. The Ranger Single Reed mallard call is designed and made in America.

Slayer Calls gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts, and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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Single Reed




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8 reviews for The Ranger, Single Reed

  1. bmexted (verified owner)

    BJ, if you want need a raspy call this call is raspy and nasty, we shoot big water, great call.

  2. Zebulun Knackstedt (verified owner)

    New caller but picked it up and made some good beginner calls. Love the look and feel.

  3. Nick

    Great call. Sounds awesome and well constructed. Love everything about it. Definitely would recommend to my buddies!!!

  4. Jack P

    Obsessed with this call. The range and sound is magnificent. I originally bought the slayer Drake slayer and a RNT Daisy cutter to pair together for this up coming season, but I was having a little trouble blowing the Drake slayer, and that was only due to me being a newer caller, which was a blessing in disguise because they said the way I call I’d have an easier time on the ranger. So I got the Ranger and I fell in love. I can’t wait for the season to start with the dynamic duo of calls to put birds in the boat. Now my daisy cutter just sits on the shelf. Sorry RNT, but y’all don’t come close to Slayer imo.

  5. Casey (verified owner)

    Best call for the price. Loud and controllable. Perfect open water, with gorgeous color and craftsmanship.

  6. Tom

    Great call and great customer service. I highly recommend the Ranger single reed for beginners as its super easy to use. Jennifer H in customer service was great to work with and knows how to help pick out the right call for the right job

  7. Tom

    I was new to duck hunting last season and wanted to upgrade to a nice acrylic single reed call to continue my progression on leaning to call ducks. I originally ordered the single reed drake slayer but had trouble blowing that call. After consulting with Jennifer H from customer service she diagnosed the problem and suggested the Ranger. Jennifer made the exchange process seamless and the Ranger is a joy to run. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase and will continue to do business in the future.

  8. Scott Bergsieker (verified owner)

    Fantastic open water / windy day call! The loud open bore leaves a wide open range for calling out to distances but is still able to hit the sweet talking closing notes. I pair this with a Drake Slayer single reed on my lanyard and look no further.

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