The Dagger Beginner’s Collection


Save 10% with the Beginner’s Collection. Contains the Dagger Goose Call, Slayer Lanyard, Field Dresser Knife by HUTO and Slayer’s ammo dry bag.

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12-month subscription includes simple, easy-to-follow lessons on how to use your call. Elk, Duck and Goose courses now available. Learn More Here.


Slayer’s easy-to-blow Mallard Reaper is the best duck call for beginners and features great tone from the high end to the bottom.


If you’ve been eyeballing our easy-to-use Dagger goose call, now is your chance to save with the goose bundle for beginners! Save 10% with this Slayer hunting package, and reap the benefits from three of our favorite accessories:

  • Slayer Lanyard
  • Slayer Field Dresser Knife
  • Ammo Dry Bag

First, the Dagger Goose Call. It’s included in this beginner’s bundle for a reason. Mainly because it’s not just simple to use, but versatile as well. You’ll be able to create all the classic sounds — deep clucks, slow and fast double clucks, realistic moans, murmurs and honks — right out the gate. So even if you feel like the greenest waterfowler on the shore, you certainly won’t sound like it. 

Next in this goose bundle for beginners is the Slayer Lanyard, available in a black and tan combo. We love it because not only does it hold five calls at once, giving you options for seasons to come, but it’s durable too. Even the roughest, toughest waterfowlers will find it hard to damage this high-quality lanyard.

Now that’s a knife! The second accessory in our goose bundle for beginners is the Slayer Field Dresser Knife. Trust us: It’ll get the job done. Created by HUTO in partnership with Slayer Calls, this knife is as versatile as it is portable — just 1.38 oz.! And with a call like the Dagger on your lanyard, you’re going to need it.

Last in our Beginner’s Collection is the Ammo Dry Bag. We all know how quickly fall weather can change, and that’s saying nothing for crouching down in the muck and dew. Slayer’s ammo dry bag is sure to keep your ammo — and anything else you want safe — out of the elements. 

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts, and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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