A white acrylic cutdown duck call on a black background.Pearly Gates Cutdown call from Slayer Calls, in orange, yellow, blue and white pearlOut of stock

Pearly Gates Cutdown


Hallelujah! This attention-grabbing acrylic cutdown call draws ducks in, so you can send more mallards heavenward.

Slayer CUTDOWN 00 duck call

Slayer CUTDOWN 00


An entry level cutdown call. The Slayer CUTDOWN 00 features a tone board that’s been cut down and reshaped for more realistic duck vocalizations.

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Really great call. Great feeder calls, doesn’t take much air. - David


This call looks great and sounds awesome. I also got the band customized with my podcast name for some pictures. I’m very impressed. I’m new to cutdowns but not to duck calls. I would say this is the best sounding call on my lanyard. Recommend 100 percent. - Clearance Camo


Love this call!! Easy to use and sounds great. It is a nice inexpensive addition to your lanyard that sounds custom. Can’t wait to get to next season and really put it to the test. - Chuck


Has the same great bark and rasp you want out of a cutdown, but the smaller size of it (compared to my mondo I use) makes it great for getting down softer when finishing ducks. Had many turn on a dime the last week of the season with it! Slayers delivery time and customer service is by far the best in the business.

Call the Wild - How to Use a Duck Call, SLAYER instructional series - Longtime hunter Matt Carey guides you through his tried-and-true training to learn how to call ducks.