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Rated BEST double reed duck call by Field & Stream, the Drake Slayer is versatile and easy-to-use. Great for beginners and experts.

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Let’s be honest: You’re not going to stop at just one duck call. But if you were, the Drake Slayer Double-Reed acrylic duck call would be the one you’d take home.

Rated BEST double reed duck call by Field & Stream, the Drake Slayer is a call with superior tone from the high end all the way to the bottom that grows with you as a caller. We’re not kidding when we say anyone can sound super ducky with this call. The double-reed construction and acrylic soundboard make the American-made Drake Slayer a cinch for new callers to learn with just a little instruction and practice.

Experienced duck callers value the control and sophistication they can get from this call with sounds like the bouncing hen, Cajun squeals and refuge feed.

Take advantage of the full volume range to adjust the loudness of your call, whether you’re hunting in the field, in timber or near open water. With its gorgeous acrylic barrel, the Drake Slayer is ready to go wherever adventure takes you.

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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Double Reed




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5 stars based on 86 reviews

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86 reviews for Drake Slayer, Double Reed

  1. Mike

    Really enjoying this call this far. Easy to use with a nice crisp sound.

  2. Dan Grassy

    I am very pleased with the sound this call has. At first, there was a bit of a problem , but the customer service was fantastic! Between the call and the level of service that was provided, I will be a customer for life! This is a company that produces a great sounding call, but their service is beyond excellent!!!!

  3. Blake Engelsman (verified owner)

    Great call! Incredibly responsive and crisp. With little effort, the sound that’s projected is natural and crisp. Looks great too. Favorite call on the lanyard!

  4. Mischa Schultz (verified owner)

    This call is loud and easy to use! Would definitely recommend

  5. Erick E (verified owner)

    Best call I own. Easy to use and works well.

  6. Logun Shell (verified owner)

    This is my first high end call I have ever bought, after about 2 years of using a cheap 15 dollar poly call I figured it was time to upgrade, so I bought this one after looking at many different name brand company’s. I am still learning on how to call and I really feel like this call has helped me be confident enough to call to ducks in the blind. I also love the unique design that slayer has and have been complimented on this call many times from my hunting buddies.

  7. Kyle (verified owner)

    Great duck call and had it personalized and came out perfect! Highly recommend!

  8. Jonah

    Love it! sounds like a champ! recommend to anyone and everyone!

  9. Simon Terry-Lloyd (verified owner)

    Awesome call. I just love it. 10/10!

  10. Trent (verified owner)

    High quality call with great customer service. I couldn’t be happier with it!

  11. Michelle Brannum. (verified owner)

    I bought the Drake Slayer Double Reed for my husband for Christmas. He had other calls and wanted to try this. So I bought it for him and he loves it. He hadn’t killed any ducks till he used this call. The staff is great and very friendly. Feels like I have known them forever. I will be purchasing from this company again. They are very honest, friendly and was quick on delivering my package. Thank you Jennifer and Stephanie. These ladies are great.

  12. Ricca (verified owner)

    If you are looking for that one and done duck call, this is it! Easy to use, requires low air. It is smooth with the perfect amount of rasp. Good realistic sound with great range and control. The best double reed call on the market. Also the look of these calls are a bonus! Highly recommend trying out the slayer calls, you won’t be disappointed!

  13. Adam Ray (verified owner)

    The Drake Slayer is deadly in appearance and function, It boasts high ratings and I looked forward to putting it to work! I am an average caller working on mastering the sounds needed to work the wide varieties of birds in our area. I was not disappointed in any way by the quality of this call. I value tonal range with the large bodies of water we often hunt but also need the control for small water. My teenage sons literally fought over who was going to have this call on their lanyard. It”s a game changer!

  14. Brandon

    This is the best double reed duck call on the market, hands down. If you’re getting into calling, or you’re experienced and love the realistic sounds a double reed produces, this is your next call. Great sound, range and control!

  15. David Rasberry (verified owner)

    This call is as beautiful as it is ” ducky.” Phenomenal sound with both high and low end notes. Just the right amount of raspiness. Requires low air volume and pressure. Great control and cut off. Best sounding call I’ve owned in 4 decades of duck hunting. Highly recommend!

  16. Renee Flatland (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this call to any hunter! It is crisp and clean. Great craftsmanship too. I love the way it looks and how loud it actually is. Thank you Slayer Calls!

  17. Toby J. (verified owner)

    These duck calls sound great. , I had a few compliments from my buddy’s in the blind. . The quality is second to none

  18. Donnie Mori (verified owner)

    Love the sound and the size! Can’t wait to use it in the field! Everyone at Slayer is very friendly and helpful and truly understand the Duck language! Come very highly recommended!! Thank You!!🦆🦆🦆

  19. Randall Harrison (verified owner)

    I put this call on my lanyard for opening day. I started off blowing it in the timber five of us got limits of mallards,gadwalls,teal and wood ducks. It goes without saying SLAYER earned a spot on my lanyard for good.GREAT CALL. HAPPY ARKANSAS DUCK 🦆 HUNTER

  20. Mike (verified owner)

    I have the drake slayer. It is a beautiful call and is easy to use. Sounds great. Thanks for a great product. Sill be buying more.

  21. Shawn Frisby (verified owner)


  22. Susie B (verified owner)

    Amazing quality and customer service! This call is absolutely a thing of beauty, easy to use and the sound is exceptional!

  23. casey (verified owner)

    Beautiful product, clear call sound. Absolute quality. Great work!

  24. Steve D. (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service! I ordered this call and when I received the tone board and Reed were slightly damaged causing the call to squeal. Slayer sent Me a new tone board and Reed set . Working perfectly now! Thanks

  25. Tracy Thompson (verified owner)

    Good call! A very good quality product! Easy to call! Very good sound! The sound carries very well. I’m impressed with this call!

  26. Parker Mills (verified owner)

    Love this call and love this company! Highly recommend to the beginner/intermediate duck callers out there. It’s pretty easy to use and sounds amazing!!

  27. C Loman (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the way the call sounds and looks! Beautiful pattern and does a great job of pulling those bird in.

  28. Curt Vaughn (verified owner)

    Over the years of buying cheap duck calls I’ve probably spent 5 or 6 times what the one Slayer call cost me. I was never happy with the cheaper calls so I reached out to Slayer with some questions. Much to my surprise I got a very lengthy and detailed response answering all my questions. I was even given a phone number and they said call anytime if you have more questions.! That’s unheard of these days.! I’ve been using the call, easy to blow and sounds amazing…! Hands down the best call I’ve ever had the please of owning. I’ve already been recommending this call to my hunting buddies and one already made a purchase once he heard mine and saw the quality. Keep up the great work Slayer Team.!

  29. Cougar Martin (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the call. It takes much less air than my other calls to get good notes. I would recommend to all my friends. The instructional calling series is great too

  30. Austin Barton (verified owner)

    I was finally able to get out and put this call to work. Had a very slow morning with the ducks, but every single mallard that came within range of hearing the call ended up in my decoys. Pretty awesome if you ask me! Only complaint is that it kept freezing up, but I’m not docking a star for that because it was (-4) degrees this morning.

  31. Chris Tilly (verified owner)

    This call is awesome! Sounds great and easy to use. My go to call for the foreseeable future. Plus the fact that they take the time to follow up afterwards and make sure you’re happy with your purchase. Top notch company. Slayer Calls has earned my trust and loyalty.

  32. Michael Paszek (verified owner)

    Sweet call, has a raspy low end that is great for close in work on small water or when birds are close to finishing. My calling style isn’t aggressive and this call fits the bill perfectly, super ducky sounding quacks and chuckles that birds really respond well to.

  33. Travis (verified owner)

    Let’s start with the most obvious, this call looks sweet. I don’t think I’ve seen a call that looks better.

    The call has a great sounding quack and feeder chuckle.

    I have to break the call in a little because throwing a long distance hail breaks the Reed over.

    There is a reason Field and Stream loved this call, simple to use and beautiful to look at.

  34. John Tanner

    I love how easy this call is to use. The quality of the call is amazing. I’m very impressed with this call and the company. Customer service is great. Get yourself or family/friends one of these calls. Money well spent.

  35. Craig

    Nice raspy sound at all levels of pitch. No saliva choking or frozen reeds either.

  36. Tony Bland

    I’ve been struggling for years to get that realistic sound with cheap calls that don’t hold up over time until I found slayer calls. The drake slayer makes it much easier to hit those notes without having to apply a ton of pressure into the call. I’ve been practicing all sorts of different calls with the new drake slayer and I couldn’t be happier with it. Love the design and how fast they show up at your door. Looking forward to getting my hunting group all a slayer call! Highly recommend

  37. Jamison Creekmore

    I have used a handful of different calls. The Drake Slayer is by far the best.

  38. Dustin

    I absolutely Love this call, it sounds great, its easy to get the sounds you want. I will be purchasing the goose call as well after using the duck call. Great Product!

  39. Tagged Outdoors (verified owner)

    This call is very easy to use, is very durable and well put together! Definitely found a personal lifetime call! Also you won’t find better customer service when it comes to products!

  40. Shane D (verified owner)

    Bought for an avid duck hunter friend as a gift. Black Death, the thing is a work of art and engraving looked great. He sounded off and swears it’s one of the best calls he’s ever used. Slayer nailed it with this one 👍🏼

  41. Dean (verified owner)

    I purchased a call for myself… the tone is impeccable, deep and rich easy to blow . I also bought one for my hunting buddy his calling needed help …Reaper was the cure!

  42. Shaun (verified owner)

    Awesome Sound! High quality and great look!

  43. Bob (verified owner)

    Haven’t used the call in the field yet, but sure does sound good in the backyard. The craftsmanship is second to none. I have no doubt this will bring the ducks to the decoys.

  44. Justin Sims

    Great call, looks awesome also

  45. Austin Crowson

    You can’t go wrong with the single or double reed from Slayer Calls. This call doesn’t need a ton of air to have a loud crisp sound. From the timber to open water this is a MUST.

  46. Kylee

    Got this call for my birthday! Easy to blow and sounds great!

  47. Bart Carroll

    I was looking for a nice call that sounded great and that is what I found. The double reed Mallard Reaper is easy to work and gives you the raspy growl of an old hen and can high ball hail too. The blue mesh color is eye popping, beautiful. Great calls that will bring them in close.

  48. Zach Higgins

    I was looking for a unique, memorable, and functional gift for employees and clients. I reached out to Slayer as I had heard great things regarding their calls. From the start, Bill and his team were great to work with from design, colors and logo placement on the calls.

    After receiving the calls they exceeded our expectations in look, but even better was that they sound phenomenal. I have given several out already and everyone has been impressed with the calls and their ease of use for varying levels of skill.

    If your looking for a great call you won’t go wrong with Slayer!

  49. Dave Wilburn (verified owner)

    First of all, it’s a beautiful call on my display rack!! Superior craftsmanship and high performance in the field. This is my second purchase of Slayer calls and I intend on buying more!
    Great customer service and I am highly satisfied, these calls sit high on my landyard!!

  50. Mike Wec – Wicked_Wec (verified owner)

    If you are truly looking for that one and done duck call, this is it! Easy to use, super smooth, raspy and as realistic as can be to turn those ducks right into your shooting lane! You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly this call will elevate your duck hunting experience.

  51. Nebraska Duck Hunter (verified owner)

    Awesome call. Great tone. Love the custom monogram on the band!

  52. Caleb Taylor Reece (verified owner)

    I got the Drake Slayer Duck Call – Double Reed and I absolutely love it!! I killed quite a few ducks this season with it! Excellent call and excellent customer service!

  53. Caleb Reece (verified owner)

    I bought the drake slayer double reed and absolutely love it! Killed quite a few ducks in a short period with this thing!!

  54. Stone Powell Alpha Outdoors402

    By far the easiest call I’ve ever used great raspiness great responsive easy to blow. Would 10000% recommend to anyone from newbie to even the most experienced caller.

  55. John Ely (verified owner)

    This is a well made and good looking call.

    I am relatively new to calling, and I find I can get credible ducky sounds out of it with just a little practice and study.

    I got the call too late to use it this year, but just think how good I will sound next duck season with the whole year to practice.

  56. Michael Robert Kenworthy

    I’m a novice caller of thirty years and counting. This call “leveled up” my game on day one. I’ve spent a lot of money on gear and regrettably hadn’t spent appropriately on a call until this season. It’s a quality product, easy to use and makes you sound better than you are.

  57. Thomas Trawick

    Great call especially for beginners. Loud and sounds great. Custom engraving was really nice too.

    Would like to see a more variety of calls from this company.

  58. Simon Terry-Lloyd (verified owner)

    Fantastic call, incredible sound and looks awesome!!!

  59. Pete (verified owner)

    I used to participate in competition duck calling and have been pretty picky in the calls that I will take into the field. I need a call that is easy to work, sounds realistic, and has the quality built into it to hold up under hunting conditions.
    I was extremely pleased with the double reed I purchased last fall. The call proved to have all the qualities I demand. I was so impressed with it that I purchased another for my daughter who is just getting into the waterfowl game. This is a great call for experienced and beginner hunters.

  60. GinaR

    I bought this for my husband for Christmas and had it personalized and he loves it, awesome design and it sounds great.

  61. Kenny Naillon (verified owner)

    Great sound and easy to use.

  62. Robert wilson (verified owner)

    Great sound and awesome design my brother absolutely loves it

  63. Bruce Easland (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this call! Bought it as a Christmas present for my 16 year son for Christmas. The sound is amazing and easy to blow. Within a few days he was sounding like a champ! Now hopefully my wife will get me one for my birthday!😉

  64. Bart Orsi (verified owner)

    The Drake Slayer double reed is my go-to call now — very easy to blow and impressed with the looks and all made in the USA. I just ordered the new speck goose call that Slayer is now selling.

  65. Colt McCoy

    Hello, my name is Colt McCoy, and for x-mas I was gifted a drake slayer double reed duck call. It was also engraved with my name on it. Im VERY excited to receive this call! The sound is amazing. As I am a beginner duck hunter, this call is perfect for me and easy to use. This call makes for great hail calls as well as making it easy to do a feeder call which I’m learning is the hardest call to perform. I strongly suggest any duck hunter, whether novice or expert add this call to their lanyard. You will be glad you did! This call looks just as great as it sounds as well. The engraving is a nice personalized touch. I’m looking forward to expanding my hunting repertoire and getting into goose hunting, and by the sound of the slayer duck call I won’t give a second thought to who I will buy my goose calls from as well. Thank you slayer calls team for helping me become a better hunter! Happy hunting everyone!

  66. Amanda Edwards (verified owner)

    Great service and quality!! Personalized logo looks great on them!!

  67. Seth purtell

    Love the call, sounds great — loud while hunting lakes and creeks and even flooded bean fields. The only thing I do not favor about this call is it digs into my knuckle.

  68. Lainie Holleman

    I absolutely love this call! It’s super easy to use and takes almost no effort which is great for someone like me that hunts every single day of the season in Arkansas!

  69. Sunky (verified owner)

    100% as described. Some competitors make claims, but this is the real deal. Can’t say enough about this call. I’m just looking forward to what they put out next. Slayer has earned my trust and best of all, USA built, by a company with passion and integrity that’s evident with the first call you make! Thank you for that!

  70. Ryan B

    Call sounds great! It’s very responsive and has a good tone to it. I’d definitely recommend purchasing one!

  71. Brandon (verified owner)

    Have used this several times this year – has a good tone throughout the volume spectrum. Plan to order more from Slayer in the future.

  72. MELANIE STOLLFUSS (verified owner)

    This Duck Call was well worth the wait! I ordered this for my son who was paying for half AND for it to be shipped expedited. When we got it the box was crushed, almost like it was run over by something. We opened it up and the call was shattered and so was my son. I called the phone number on my online order (thinking….it’s late, no one is going to answer) and Bill Ayer (founder of the company) answered my call! I explained to him what happened and he sent a new one out expedited shipping, that very next morning. Bill Ayer also called the next day checking to make sure we received the new call and how my son liked it! Great quality design, very sharp looking. My son has been practicing his calls on it every moment he can. Great sound! Great company!

  73. Zach Atkerson – Uneven Terrain Outdoors (verified owner)

    Recently had these arrive in the mail and due to warm weather we have been unable to put them to use in the field down here in New Mexico. I did get two calls, one for me and one for my hunting partner. Upon feeling both calls, you can definitely tell they are well made. Solid construction. Taking the call apart requires short steady pull and twist. Replacing the insert was satisfying and effortlessly slides into place with precision. The call is also lightweight considering the solid feel of the call and the metal banding around the barrel. As far as serving my needs, I needed a call that I could get a lower volume out of and not require a ton of technique. I believe I have found what I was looking for. I was always unable to create a worthy “welcome call” and with about 15 minutes of practice I can. Quacks and Come backs I blew instantly.
    Both calls sound great but they do have a different sound to each. One requiring a bit more air. One has a better feed call, the other seems longer range. Being that we are partners we are covered across the spectrum.
    Really looking forward to colder weather and birds flying in. Should be a more successful year with these calls!
    Let’s Slay

  74. Darren (verified owner)

    Great over all call. Responds really well and is very ducky. Very good for hunting all places… fields, water, timber, etc… highly recommended! Great overall call and looks amazing.

  75. Josh

    Great sounding call that’s easy to use, looks great and made in the USA! Bill and the team are super helpful and respond quickly with any questions.

  76. Ty Cowan

    Not only do these calls sound great but are very durable in the field. Great product👍👍

  77. Kyle Mclaughlin (verified owner)

    Everything about the call is amazing, the looks and the sound. Definitely can see this becoming my go to call!

  78. Matt (verified owner)

    Got me a new call, and I am lovin it. It has a bright crisp sound, superb quality, and it’s very pretty. The Drake Slayer Duck Call (Double Reed) is gonna be my goto this season, and I can not wait. If you’re in the market for a new call that’s affordable, I Can’t recommend this Slayer Duck Calls enough.

  79. Jeff Berger (verified owner)

    High quality and excellent sound from highs to lows. Exactly what I was looking for. The customer service was outstanding, from the personal call from Bill about what I wanted my custom saying to say on the call, to Jennifer following up with me and if I was happy with the call.
    You can’t go wrong with this call…..Do it.


  80. Scott Haugen (verified owner)

    I recently used a Drake Slayer Double Reed call in Alaska. Love how easy it is to blow and how simple it is to reach a range of sounds, from feeding to highball. Highly recommend this call for beginning hunters or anyone hunting skinny water!

  81. Kelley Brown – Bird Dog Waterfowl

    Clean, Crisp, Precise. All the features you are looking for in a call. Easy to use, a beginner an pick up and be calling em in no time. If you are looking for a double reed the Drake Slayer is your ticket

  82. Weston

    I just got the drake slayer double reed and I’m extremely impressed. I’m normally a single reed guy, but it’s so effortless to blow this call. Very nice to see new calls out there that aren’t just slapping someone else’s soundboard in.

  83. J. Wu (verified owner)

    Quality design and sound. Cannot wait to slay some ducks with this call. Excellent customer service. Thank you Slayer Duck Calls!

  84. Jason Bradford (verified owner)

    Purchased the Drake Slayer – Double Reed call. Craftsmanship is awesome. Lots of sound and responds really well. I would definitely recommend the purchase. You won’t be disappointed!

  85. Douglas Reed (verified owner)

    This call is awesome – everything I thought it would be and more. Sounds great, looks great. Thank You SlAYER DUCK CALLS.

  86. Madison

    This call is great quality. It was easy to use and I would definitely recommend it. Love Love Love!

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