The Honker Collection


Save 10% with the Honker collection. Contains the Honker Slayer Goose Call, Prostyle lanyard, Slayer Field Dresser Knife and our ammo dry bag.

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12-month subscription includes simple, easy-to-follow lessons on how to use your call. Elk, Duck and Goose courses now available. Learn More Here.


One of our best-selling goose calls, now available in the Honker collection. Save 10% with this Slayer hunting bundle, and reap the benefits from three of our favorite accessories.

First, the Honker Slayer Goose Call. This 100% acrylic call combines extraordinary volume with perfect back pressure. Not only will you reach Canadas from across the pond, but you’ll do it with awesome versatility. Create a wide range of sounds, including deep clucks, slow and fast double clucks, realistic moans, murmurs and honks. Choose from six color options. 

Next in the Honker collection is the Prostyle Lanyard from VPC, available in green & camo. Its flat neckband design keeps the material flush against your skin for a more comfortable wear. Crafted for durability and convenience, the Prostyle lanyard holds twelve calls total, not including your new Honker Slayer. 

Now that’s a knife! Whether you’re using it to cut a handful of reed canary grass or splitting the breast of a still-warm goose, the Slayer Field Dresser Knife gets the job done. Created by HUTO in partnership with Slayer Calls, this knife is as versatile as it is portable — just 1.38 oz.! And with a call like the Honker Slayer on your lanyard, you’re going to need it.

Last in the Honker collection is the Ammo Dry Bag. We all know how quickly fall weather can change, and that’s saying nothing for crouching down in the muck and dew. Slayer’s ammo dry bag is sure to keep your ammo — and anything else you want safe — out of the elements. 

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts, and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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100% Acrylic Honker Goose Call


Citrine Water Mesh, Creamsicle, Iced Crackerjack, Snow Mesh, Yellow Jacket Mesh, Black & White Pearl


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