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Save your breath with the Honker goose call. With guts that perform like they’re 10 years broken in, you’ll lure in the Canada geese.

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This goose call won’t leave you breathless — unless you’re looking at the Honker Slayer’s gorgeous acrylic barrel.

Our goose call is designed to require less breath than others on the market, so callers can make longer runs in their routines. Even with less air, our call doesn’t compromise on the variety of goose sounds. When Canada geese hunters slay with us, they get more sound from a single breath.

This American-made short-reed call has the perfect back pressure so the Honker Slayer can do it all: deep clucks, slow and fast double clucks, realistic moans, murmurs and honks. Take advantage of the full volume range to adjust the loudness of your call, whether geese are nearby or nearly out of range. It’s easily tunable for soft, medium, or hard calling. The best part — guts that perform like they’re 10 years broken in! 

This is the long- and short-distance goose call you get as a beginner that never leaves your lanyard. The stunning 100% acrylic call gives hunters the variety and capability to advance their skills to the next level. So go ahead — slay with us.

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts, and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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Citrine Water Mesh, Creamsicle, Iced Crackerjack, Snow Mesh, Yellow Jacket Mesh, Black & White Pearl


5 stars based on 33 reviews

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33 reviews for Honker Slayer Goose Call

  1. Marcus Skinner (verified owner)

    Loud and relatively easy to blow Goose call. As a novice caller it didn’t take me very long to start sounding like an actual goose. Beautiful looking call with top notch fit and finish. Customer service excellent as always. Can’t go wrong with Slayer.

  2. Brad (verified owner)

    Bought this call. Tone was definitely off from the video and expectation. Slayer owner and team took this over. Got everything tuned up and ready to go. Going to be my go to call this year for Colorado, and Kansas.

  3. Jessie (verified owner)

    Husband loves his new call. Looks great and is easy to use for a beginner! This company also had quick shipping and great communication! Thanks!

  4. Hudson Ray

    I have not yet hunted with this call as our seasons are not open yet but I’m impressed with the craftsmanship. First up for us this year will be the early goose season – especially impressed by the Honker Slayer Goose Call, it’s comfortable in hand , it sounds incredibly natural with good pitch and the sound carries well enough to hunt larger bodies of water as well as open fields. I’d definitely suggest this call to anyone, beginner or experienced. Thank you slayer team!

  5. Josh (verified owner)

    Favorite call yet, worth the money

  6. Klay (verified owner)

    I have used quite a few goose calls and I tell you what, this call is the best call I have ever used! It brings the geese into the spread and it’s an easy call to blow for beginners! Highly recommend this call!!

  7. Jessica Reveal (verified owner)

    First off, I love the way this call looks! It is so much easier to blow and get the goose sound. I didn’t have to break this call in, it sounded true out of the box. All around, amazing call!!

  8. Cait Tobin (verified owner)

    Soooo happy with this company . Quick and friendly service. I got the honker slayer for my 12 year old who knows a LOT about goose hunting- he says it’s the best call he’s ever had ( and trust me he has a TON of calls) I’ll be ordering more from here. Thank you!!!

  9. Levi Pafford (verified owner)

    Wanted to drop props to the folks here that run this small business. I was looking for a call that was easy to blow for a beginner. I have 2 teenage daughters that have taken a passion with waterfowl hunting. From the start of this process they helped to get the call for one of my daughters to me before Christmas. It was great! My daughter opened it Christmas morning. She has since been blowing on it nonstop. She is getting goosey on it!
    I appreciate the follow up Jen has given us. Truly standing behind their products . Thanks Jen!!!
    I will be ordering more products from you guys!! And recommending them to all my outdoor friends!

    Shoot straight!🤟

    Appreciate you guys !

  10. P.J. Grine (verified owner)

    solid call! definitely not new to goose hunting. but this is the first goose call I’ve bought. had it for a few weeks and have been practicing alot and I love the sound. it sounds so natural. I definitely need to get better. but thats ok. because I have a time before next season! looking forward to the success it will bring me next season!

  11. Travis Tweet (verified owner)

    NO BS! My favorite Goose Call. I am new to using goose calls and have struggled to get the vocalizations correct.

    BUT, with this call, I am finding it a lot easier to work a goose call and it sounds great.

    Not only does this call sound great but it also looks amazing. It definitely stands out on the lanyard.

  12. Austin Barton (verified owner)

    Not only will you have the best looking goose call on the river, but you’ll also have the best sounding goose call on the river too! I’m still learning how to call geese, but so far I have really liked this call. It sounds amazing, and it is beautiful!

  13. Jamison Creekmore

    I am by no means a great goose caller. But after my fist time using this, you would think I was calling geese for years. Turned a giant flock around and brought them right in to the spread. Excellent call!! Highly recommend!

  14. Conner Menez (verified owner)

    I got the iced Cracker Jack and man what a beautiful call! It’s easy to blow but also has some great ranges with the moans and clucks. I highly recommend getting this goose call if you are in the market for a new call.

  15. Brayden Van Wingerden (verified owner)

    Super happy with my new slayer goose call. I love it because it is easy to blow and do multiple calls as a beginner!

  16. Gary Leadley (verified owner)

    I collect goose calls and I’m always trying new ones. This Slayer goose call actually surprised me, easy to blow and sounds really good. I especially like the moans this call can do. I’ll be carrying this call in the field with me this fall!
    If you’re looking for a good sounding call and easy to blow, give this Slayer call a try.
    Shipping was fast and Jen from customer service was fantastic!

  17. Patrick Samson (verified owner)

    This is my second call ever purchased. For years I used hand me downs but I’m pleased to have added a duck and goose call now to my collection, more so they both are from Slayer Calls. Every call they make has great sound and range. The crisp sounds from their calls refracting off the still water in the morning never sounded better.

  18. Tommy Ortmeier (verified owner)

    This call is in my top 5! Looks alone and sound is off the chain!! Great call.

  19. Mike Wec – Wicked_Wec (verified owner)

    The Honker Slayer Goose Call is just that, an absolute goose slayer, period! Very easy to use and very clean sounding to make those real goose sounds. Whether imitating a solo goose or a flock of geese, this is the total package in one call! The proof is on my wall and in my freezer!

  20. B3 Outfitters (verified owner)

    This call is amazing! I have purchased and used other top of the line calls over the past 20 years and this call is nothing but one of the best! Finished my season in Illinois this year and had a lot of opportunity to let this call go to work!! Very impressed with the sound and craftsmanship! Can’t wait for the 2022 opener!

  21. B Bockenhauer (verified owner)

    This call is amazing! I have purchased and used other top of the line call for the past 20 years and this call is nothing but one of the best!! Finished my season in Illinois and had an opportunity to let this call rip! Can’t wait for opener 2022!

  22. Morgan M (verified owner)

    For the record I was a total newbie at the goose call. I was able to get a realistic call out of the Slayer call within minutes. I really like the call — sound is way more realistic than my buddy’s call even though I wont tell him that. 😉 The workmanship and looks are top notch. I’m sticking with Slayer.

  23. Payton Eggers (verified owner)

    The honker is easily blown and very loud I was working birds easily with it on the first hunt with it. I’m very impressed with it definitely a must have on the lanyard for any waterfowler

  24. Stone Alpha Outdoors402

    Very responsive and very easy to blow. Looks great sounds about as goosey as you can get. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone!

  25. Kenny Naillon (verified owner)

    Great sound and easy to use. Sharp looking calls.

  26. Wayne Neufeld (verified owner)

    Super responsive, gets the geese to turn and look every time.

  27. Lainie Holleman

    I can’t say enough good things about this call. It’s so easy to blow and it’s super easy to break over which makes it great for beginners looking for their first goose call to learn on! The sound is very accurate and I have completely turned geese that were not even coming to the field I was hunting in with this call. Amazing for every skill level of caller!

  28. Sunky (verified owner)

    It’s no joke about how quickly this call starts playing honker. Super responsive with little effort. By far the most accurate honker call I’ve blown. Love the attention to detail all around!

  29. Bryan Prox (verified owner)

    Great goose call!

  30. Ryan B (verified owner)

    Great call! Super easy call to blow and you can do just about anything you want to on it. Very goosey!

  31. 2JT Outfitters (verified owner)

    I was a little skeptical with this call at first since it’s more duck calls than anything but I was amazed. This is by far the best, well sounding, and easiest goose call I’ve ever owned. The custom engraving was amazing and the customer support was phenomenal. I got a call asking if I got it and what I thought about it. No complaints anywhere no matter what. I love it!

  32. Ray

    I bought a lot of different goose calls and this one is by far the best! It is much easier to blow and the sound is more realistic. It is well worth the price. Everyone that has heard me using my different goose callers say this one is most realistic sounding. The people that work for this company are very friendly and answered all my questions.

  33. Darren (verified owner)

    Amazing call. Would recommend to a beginner or master. Responds very well. Very good control, really good for double clucks, moans and really anything you blow into it. Great for convincing geese. And looks amazing. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a new call.

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