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The most realistic sounding push elk call on the market. Works with the Swagger tube for impressive bulges and lip bawl bugles. Made in the USA.


External Elk Call - Enchantress | Cody McCarthy

If you’re someone who can’t use mouth diaphragms/reeds (or you simply don’t want to), the Enchantress external elk call is for you.

Slayer’s all-in-one external elk call is guaranteed to create the most realistic sounds in the woods. It’s a push call, which means it uses an internal reed, just like a typical mouth reed, but all the work is done within the call. We’ve even included a silicone rubber “tongue” that’s identical in shape and texture to a human tongue. Enchanted?

To operate this call, the user simply pushes a button, depressing the tongue on the reed while blowing. Our Enchantress push call can make every elk sound necessary to call in the biggest bulls. Get tips on how to use the Enchantress from Cody McCarthy, Slayer’s head of product innovation.

Slayer’s external elk call also attaches to our Swagger bugle tube to create impressive bulges and lip bawl bugles. Easily connect and disconnect this call from the tube to make lifelike cow sounds and bugles. 

The design of this external elk call is so revolutionary, we have a patent pending on this product. Others have tried to develop external calls that produce elk sounds, however the Slayer Enchantress is the most realistic sounding push call on the market. Check out our sound file to hear it for yourself!

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 1.75 × 1.75 in

Enchantress, Enchantress with Bugle


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33 reviews for Enchantress Push Button Elk Call

  1. Arthur Hill (verified owner)

    Unable to use a mouth calls properly I bought this call hoping it would make a difference. I was not disappointed. Easy to use and doesn’t take long to master calls for cow and bull. Sounds are perfect. Can’t wait to put it to the test.

  2. Bob Duey

    After a bit of practice I know this call will work. I can stand at my back door and get answers already… within minutes of the first attempt. This will be FUN!

  3. Loren Ashley (verified owner)

    This elk call/bugle is top notch in my opinion!! I love mine, using diaphragms I have a hard time keeping consistent pressure to make a good bugle, with the Enchantress it is almost effortless. At the time I bought mine I had also bought one for my hunting parter. His for whatever reason didn’t sound anything like mine so I sent Slayer an email, and without any question or hesitation they sent me another push button call, the next day. Very pleased with the product and the customer service!! Will definitely be using in the future! You guys are great, thank you so much!!

  4. Jamison Creekmore

    This is going to take over the elk hunting industry! Incredibly easy to use and the sound is phenomenal. Great for those getting into elk hunting, and for those who struggle to use a diaphragm call.

  5. Dustin

    This is such an awesome product! Out of the box I was able to start making calls that sound great, with zero experience. The more time I spend practicing with this call, I’m learning new techniques and it’s satisfying. Now I just need to learn when to use it in a hunt so I’m not out in the woods scaring everything away haha!

  6. Terry (verified owner)

    As a NM Big Game guide this call changes the game for me. Easy to use two calls in one. Easy to use with great realistic sounds. Highly recommend.

  7. Robert (verified owner)

    Very easy to use. Great tool to have on hand. Very attentive customer service. Highly recommend.

  8. Mari (verified owner)

    This product works great! works as described! Really got the cows and bulls talking!

  9. Marcellus Jeter (verified owner)

    I’ve always been a reed caller and I purchased this bugle to help a friend which is not so good with reeds and I end up calling every year. When the call arrived I started playing with it and needless to say I had my friend order his own. What I like about the call is the versatility, bugles, cow calls and in the end if you want to use it just as a tube you can. It is very simple to use, you can change your sounds and pitches just using your thumb. You don’t have to blow hard to make the sounds. One of the best calls I’ve ever used. I’ve referred 3 friends who purchased the call and they all love it.

  10. Rob (verified owner)

    Slayer hit it out of the park with this call. You can make some of the easiest cow calls and bugle with call. Regardless of your experience calling you can sound like an elk. I will definitely be using this call in the woods this year and many more to come.

  11. Kamil (verified owner)

    Best elk call I’ve used that genuinely makes authentic bugles and cow sounds. This is 2nd one I’ve bought. Lost first one on a mountain elk hunting. Will be buying a 3rd to keep as a backup.

  12. Robert Beale (verified owner)

    Slayer knocked it out of the park with this call. Unbelievably easy to sound like you have been calling for years. The ability to make great bugles and cow calls with same call with no additional calls. Great job Slayer and thank you.

  13. Loren Miller

    WOW what a great company to work with as well as their product! Their Enchantress push button elk call w/ the swagger bugle tube is a bugle that most anybody should be able to use. And it sounds great!! Keep up the great work!!

  14. Michael Hamilton (verified owner)

    I bought my hunting partner this call for his birthday. Off course I had to try it and loved how easy it was to use. So I had to get him another one because I didn’t want to give it up. Better a late then not get him anything!! This is the easiest call I have ever used.

  15. Jason Wallace

    What a game changer! We have all used two different calls and know searching for them can be a pain in the heat of the moment. Not to mention this cow call can be herd from far and wide freaking love it! Highly recommend this call!

  16. Taras Pavlyuk

    I got the Enchantress and I am very impressed. Slayer makes excellent calls.

  17. Ross

    This is a great call. Easy to use. Customer service was amazing. I had a small issue with the call itself. They contacted me to check in and see how I liked it before I had a chance to contact them. I told them the issue. They said they were aware of issue and had fixed it and sent me a brand new one. I 100% would recommend this company. Great job Slayer team

  18. Dallas R.

    Simply too easy to use! And it puts out a very realistic sound – well done Slayer!

  19. Stephen Gadberry

    I’m from Arkansas and elk hunting is new to me. Although I didn’t grow up around elk, I knew that a lot of external calls didn’t sound real. The Enchantress is freaking amazing! It sounds like real elk and not a toy. I’m impressed at the various types of vocalizations it can make too. Most external calls are limited to one sound. This does it all from calf to cow to bull elk. I highly recommend it.

  20. Chad

    Great call, super easy to use and sounds great!

  21. Justin

    This is an awesome easy to use call. Very wide array of sounds you can make with very little effort. Love the fact you can soft calf and cow call make those very soft sounds without having to think about it.

  22. Brionna owner of Elk Hollow Guide Service (verified owner)

    I love this call!!!!! Best thing on market. Spot on for cow elk sounds supper easy to use really love everything about it. Bought it for all my guides this season. The sounds are endless you can make with this call.

  23. Devin Heydt

    Such a great call. My son’s are not able to use a reed very well and this was the answer. They love it. The cow calls you can make are endless. Bugling is working as well.

  24. Joe G (verified owner)

    Great product! Super easy to use and realistic sounds. I have the Enchantress and bugle and love it. Oh and customer service has been great. Get yours, you’ll be glad you did.

  25. Jim Hall (verified owner)

    I have been practicing for years and in one weekend with the new call I can create a realistic call. Customer Service was great and they have replacement reeds coming for the enchantress. Can/t wait to get out in the Elk Woods. Proud to be a patron of a great local Company.

  26. Caleb (verified owner)

    Awesome call and very easy to use!

  27. Josh G (verified owner)

    Easy to use. Sounds great, looks great. Great customer service and fast shipping to Canada!

  28. Jon (verified owner)

    Easiest call ever used, perfect cow and calf sounds with rasp. Lip bawl bugle easy and sounds wonderful. Will further my review when Colorado bulls respond next month !! Customer service and ordering from this company is perfect !!!!!

  29. Scott (verified owner)

    Love this call. Sound range is amazing and super easy to master. Cannot wait to put it to good use come September.

  30. Casey Thompson (verified owner)

    Super simple to use. I can use diaphragm calls for turkey but always struggle when calling elk. Game changer for me no doubt

  31. Dale Listul (verified owner)

    This call makes sounds I’ve never heard from other calls. Extremely easy to use. Customer service was excellent and quick to respond to all my questions.

  32. Doug Chadwick (verified owner)

    Very well designed / constructed call and easy to use. Makes amazing full range cow/calf calls. Looking forward to putting to use this September!!

  33. Josh (verified owner)

    So far best call I have tried. Looking forward to using it this month in Oregon for a bull. More to post soon hopefully with a nice bull!

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Realistic push call, connects easily to the Swagger for lifelike cow sounds and bugle.



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