Enchantress push button Elk CallEnchantress external elk call components

Enchantress Push Button Elk Call


The most realistic sounding push elk call on the market. Works with the Swagger tube for impressive bulges and lip bawl bugles. Made in the USA.

Slayer's ArchAngel Bugle Elk CallSlayer's ArchAngel Bugle Elk Call - Angled view

ArchAngel, Acrylic Elk Call


The ArchAngel’s one-of-a-kind back pressure system means less air AND louder and higher octaves. Patent pending. Made in the USA. 

External elk call by Slayer Calls, Black

Slayer Cow External Call


Mimic the most realistic cow elk mews and excited estrus sounds with Slayer’s external cow elk call. Made in the USA.

External elk call by Slayer Calls, Green

Slayer Calf External Call


Mimic high-pitched calf elk sounds with the Slayer Calf External Call, featuring a redesigned tone board and reed. Made in the USA.

Full Range Collection


Introducing a smorgasbord of elk reeds; three total, each with its own call style, palate size and more. Made in the USA. 

300 series Tenacity elk reed diaphragm, yellow

300 Series, Tenacity


Get deep growls, well-executed chuckles and screaming high notes. For experienced hunters looking to piss off big bulls. Made in the USA. 

300 series Grit elk reed diaphragm, red

300 Series, Grit


Get deep growls, well-executed chuckles and screaming high notes. For experienced hunters looking to piss off big bulls. Made in the USA. 

200 series Gladiator Elk Call, orange

200 Series, Gladiator


Precision. The 200 Series Gladiator elk call gives you control while maintaining a great range of sounds. Made in the USA. 

200 series Endure elk reed diaphragm, green

200 Series, Endure


The Endure gives you control as well as a great range of lower-intensity bull calls, from conversational chuckles to location calls. Made in the USA. 

100 series Resilience elk reed diaphragm, dark blue

100 Series, Resilience


Tap into your soft side to channel your inner calf and cow with the subtle tones of the Resilience elk call. Made in the USA. 

100-series Fortitude Elk Call, light blue

100 Series, Fortitude


Tap into your soft side to channel your inner calf and cow. The subtle tones of the Fortitude elk call are accessible even for new elk callers. Made in the USA. 

Slayer Bugle BandSlayer bugle band

Elk Bugle Band


Second only to a real elk, Slayer’s elk bugle band will help you achieve a more realistic call, free from any “plastic” sound.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

The Enchantress

As a NM Big Game guide this call changes the game for me. Easy to use two calls in one. Easy to use with great realistic sounds. Highly recommend.

The ArchAngel

This year I was introduced to Slayer Calls. With them being a local Idaho company I thought I would give them a try after hearing the sounds the reeds and the Archangel tube we’re making. Beyond having an amazing customer support team and getting me the calls quickly and having time to practice before the upcoming Idaho archery elk season all I can say is WOW. During this season, I used all three of the mouth external diaphragms teamed up with the Archangel tube, the sounds these diaphragms make are incredible and even for a novice beginner caller you will not be disappointed. I have been using diaphragms for roughly 24 years and these are top notch. The tube itself has more back pressure than any tube I’ve ever used and also has the volume when using a locating vehicle it will reach out and make the noise you need. Highly recommend; don’t hesitate. If you’re on the fence try them out and you will love them.

Full Range

This is the perfect pack of diaphragm calls. Varying in technique and sound it is perfect for the beginner and even the more experienced caller.

Cody McCarthy Sig Series

Absolutely amazing product! High quality build and amazing sound. I would, and have, recommended this product to anyone willing to listen. The customer service is what really puts this company over the top though. I literally got a follow up call after delivery of the bugle and reeds. They made sure it was delivered properly and asked if I had any questions on how to use it properly. Who does that these days? Cody & Jen do! Far and away the best service I’ve ever been provided ordering something online. I guarantee I’ll be a lifelong customer and I bet you’ll be the same!