Josh Montgomery

For Josh, life doesn’t get much better than watching the sunrise on the water, hearing whistling wings rip overhead and seeing birds work in to the decoys. He’s been bowhunting from a young age and grew up obsessed with spending every free minute in the woods. Josh hunts deer, turkey and waterfowl. He makes the most of every duck season, from chasing teal in September to hunting divers in January.

Location: Maryland
Instagram: @josh_montgomery1


Tanner Hardy

If we’re gonna brag on Tanner (and we are), he may just be one of the best duck callers in the U.S. He grew up between the Owyhee Mountains and the Snake River in a family of hunters. Tanner got in the field as early as he possibly could.

Location: Idaho
Instagram: @tannerhardy71


Devon Mullenbach

Devon is an outdoors enthusiast who loves multispecies angling and hunting just about any critter that roams the Midwest. But bird hunting is where Devon’s passion really lies. She loves sharing her knowledge and experience with beginners to bring more new hunters into the fold, and she’s always recruiting more women into the outdoors world. Devon’s constantly finding opportunities to learn more as a hunter. She gives back to the outdoors, supporting conservation efforts and public land preservation.

Location: Iowa
Instagram: @outdoor_dev


Wade & Garett Hobbs

Wade and Garett are a killer father-son hunting duo. Wade’s been hunting for more than three decades, so Garett grew up in the blind and out in the fields. The pair love spending time outdoors to enjoy the beauty the good lord created. Hunting gives Wade and Garett the chance to connect with friends and family and leave life’s stressors behind. For this duo, nothing beats the sight of birds working into decoys and the smell of gunpowder after the first shot is fired.

Location: Idaho
Instagram: @garett.hobb


Austin Collis

Just thinking about seeing ducks in the sky gets Austin out of bed in the early morning hours for a day of hunting. Since he started hunting a decade ago, Austin’s become a fanatic, often traveling to duck hunt and spending time with friends in the blind. He’s the host of the Quack Shack Podcast and sells apparel for fellow hunters online.

Location: Texas
Instagram: @takeem_fowlco & @thequackshackpodcas


Cory Allen

Cory is a CrossFit coach who comes alive when he’s in the outdoors. He’s a newer hunter who loves preparing and eating the game he catches himself. Cory’s goal is to eventually make wild game his primary source of protein for a healthier lifestyle.

Location: Louisiana
Instagram: @coryjames21


Dalton Burton

Dalton can’t remember a time in his life when he didn’t hunt. He grew up hunting deer and dove, but he became obsessed with duck hunting from the time he saw the first group of ducks come into his spread. Hunting has become a social activity, a hobby and a profession for Dalton. He leads guided hunts on the Texas coast, and he trains gun dogs in his free time. His dog, Ace, is the son of a national field champion, and Ace’s love of hunting rivals Dalton’s.

Location: Texas
Instagram: @dalton_burton12


Mike Wec

Mike was born and raised in the tiniest city of the tiniest U.S. state — Central Falls, Rhode Island. But don’t let his small-town roots fool you! Mike’s heart is in the big, overgrown woods and the vast, open ocean. He lives a self-sustained lifestyle by planting, foraging, and hunting to prepare meals made from the wild. Mike is always learning something new about the outdoors as he hunts year-round, and he loves passing that knowledge on to his kids. Mike volunteers with Beyond the Battle, getting veterans out to hunt and fish.

Location: Rhode Island
Instagram: @wicked_wec


Darren Meharg

Darren is a photographer and lifelong hunter whose next-level obsession with duck hunting is something he’s passing on to his three daughters. He started going deer and squirrel hunting with his dad and papa in rural Arkansas at the age of 5. His true passion is chasing mallards and wood ducks among the cypress trees. Darren takes friends, family, and new hunters into the big timber to share his knowledge and grow the next generation of waterfowlers.

Location: Arkansas
Instagram: @duckhunter_darren_meharg


Jason Camario

Jason is, first and foremost, a waterfowler. Chasing teals isn’t just a hobby for him — it’s a serious passion. He’s picked up photography and videography to be able to share the magic of being in the field with others. He hunts with his two boys, who love getting on the ponds, setting decoys, practicing duck calls, and filling straps. Jason also fishes and hunts deer, hogs, and coyotes.

Location: Texas
Instagram: @waterfowl_camp


Steve & Jake Raudenbush

There aren’t many things in life that test your grit and mental toughness like archery elk hunting, and that’s exactly why the Raudenbush brothers love it so much. Steve and Jake have learned the hard way that success in September takes discipline in research, practice, and healthy habits for the rest of the year. The pair set into the mountains with their compound bows each fall for the solitude and adventure. Steve and Jake always leave a hunt with experiences they’ll never forget — and, more often than not, lean red meat to fill their freezers and share with friends.

Location: Washington
Instagram: @mtn2coast_outdoors



Corn Dog “Corney” Jr. goes by C.J. and is a very good girl. C.J. loves splashing through the water to chase down ducks trying to escape with a dive. As a fast, high-drive retriever, she takes after her father, famed hunting labrador Five Star General Patton. C.J. is a sucker for long rides in pickup trucks, retrieving bumpers and cleaning up after messy eaters, especially those low-to-the-ground kids.

Location: Idaho
Instagram: @SlayerDuckCalls


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