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Slayer’s top, in-the-field performers — the ArchAngel in Kryptek camo, the Miner and the North Fork. This American-made trio brings together durability, consistency and top-tier performance.

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Slayer’s Clearwater Elk Collection contains three of Slayer’s top, in-the-field performers:

  • Clearwater Miner Elk Reed (1): Crafted from highly durable, yet flexible .003” latex, the Miner diaphragm is a low pressure call for minimum air pressure and low tongue pressure, yet it yields a full range of bugles and moans with lower volume. View detailed specs here. Weight .05 oz / Dimensions 1 × 1.75 in 
  • Clearwater North Fork Elk Reed (1): Made from highly durable .004” latex, the North Fork diaphragm features a tight stretch — get high notes with a lot of volume and good air pressure, all while holding on to those nasal tones callers should expect from latex. View detailed specs here. Weight .05 oz / Dimensions 1 × 1.75 in
  • The ArchAngel Bugle Tube (1): Slayer’s acrylic bugle elk call, with the right amount of back pressure and superior control, is capable of holding any elk vocalization. View detailed specs here. Weight 10.74 oz / Dimensions 22 inches by 4 in diameter

About the Clearwater Elk Diaphragm Series

At Slayer, we believe in creating calls that don’t just sound good, but are comfortable in the mouth, durable enough to withstand entire seasons, and constructed with consistency. The Clearwater Frame lineup achieves all this and more, providing hunters with unbeatable sound quality and calling experience. 

Inspired by Idaho’s wilderness and workers, the Clearwater Frame lineup from Slayer Calls offers hunters a superior calling experience. These reeds don’t just sound better, they perform better. We’re talking season-long durability, consistency across diaphragms and top-tier comfort for any length hunt.

“By far the longest lasting reed I’ve ever used! I was hesitant to switch to Slayer at first, but once I tried the new reeds, it was a no- brainer. With just a little practice, I was able to hit distinct notes and hold them with ease. They’ve honestly made me obsessed with bugling.”

— Ryan F.

The story behind the ArchAngel

I imagine we’ve all lost hunters close to us. After their passing, trips into the woods are never the same. The ArchAngel bugle tube is a way to remember all our lost ones while we’re out in the woods. I named this call after a good friend — and one of the best elk hunters I’ve ever known — who passed away in 2021. He was a lifelong Idaho native who absolutely loved to fish and hunt, and he was never shy about bugling loudly and bugling often. He flat-out killed elk.

But even more special was the way my buddy was “livin’, huntin’ and talkin’” to make a difference in others’ lives. After his passing, I wanted to devote an elk call to him that would truly make a difference in an elk hunter’s success. He had tested out a Slayer bugle tube during his final hunting season, calling in the first bull elk taken down using the handle. I can think of no better elk product to devote to him than this groundbreaking acrylic elk call. And I’ll hold his memory close this season, and for many more, with the ArchAngel at my side.

— Bill Ayer, Slayer Calls CEO

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts, and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

Additional information

Weight 10.84 oz
Dimensions 22 × 5.75 × 4 in

Green Marsh, Kodiak Venom, Carbon Killer, Green Ghost, Yellow Jacket Mesh


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2 reviews for Clearwater Elk Series

  1. Mike Raum

    I recently purchased the Clearwater Elk Series bundle. The ArchAngel is by far the best bugle tube I’ve ever used. Coupled with the Miner and Northfork reeds, it has great pitch and tone producing realistic screams, bugles and chuckles. I am anxious to hit the mountains with them this fall! That all said, what I am most impressed so far with my Slayer Game call purchase is their customer service. They reached out shortly after receiving my calls to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. This type of customer service is rare in today’s market and demonstrates how much they care and value their customers. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Tyson Samples

    Slayer calls has hit one out of the box with their “Clearwater” Elk series kit. Some of the most realistic sounds you will find anywhere. I switched to Slayer calls this year from another name brand company. Hoping to find a call to meet my needs. As a run and gun elk Hunter, I use my calls a lot from soft cow muse, to screaming bugles and low note chuckles. With Slayer calls on my side this year in the Elk woods , I know I will have an extra advantage in my pocket for the up-and-coming archery season.

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