Enchantress Replacement Reed


Get a replacement internal reed for the Enchantress, the most realistic-sounding push elk call on the market. Made in the USA.

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Slayer’s Bugle Tube Strap is 50″ in length and connects to any bugle tube. Built to last with military-grade paracord. Tough and reliable.


Swap out your well-used reed with a replacement reed that matches the original in Slayer’s Enchantress external elk call.

Just a friendly reminder that reeds wear out. Most elk reeds last roughly 2 to 4 weeks — it’s the same with the Enchantress reed. The longevity of a reed can be impacted based on how you store them, how much you are using them, and how much pressure you are putting on the Enchantress call when blowing. Please make sure you store your call in a cool area to protect the call and reed from the heat. We always recommend having back up reeds on hand. 

Looking for the full elk calling system? There are three options available! The Enchantress Combo includes the push button cow call and attachable Swagger bugle tube. The Enchantress Collection includes the push button cow call, attachable Swagger bugle tube, replacement reed and paracord strap to keep your system secured and in place. If you’re not looking for the cow call + bugle combination, you can also opt for the Enchantress cow call — with its unique sound, this push button call makes a great addition to any caller’s arsenal.

Looking for reviews? Most customers buy the Enchantress with the attachable bugle tube. Check out what customers have to say about the cow call + bugle system.

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Weight 0.03 oz
Dimensions 0.75 × 0.75 × 0.75 in

Single, 3-Pack


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