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Keep your favorite call well-tuned with a new duck call reed. Calls perform best when reeds are changed annually.

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Some waterfowlers might be surprised to learn that duck call reeds and wedges have a limited lifespan. Over time, reeds lose their stiffness or rigidity, limiting a call’s ability to produce the most realistic high and low notes. The call may also become harder to control, causing the speed of the call to fall out. You might not notice the differences in pitch immediately, but the ducks certainly will.

That’s why it’s important to bring an extra reed or two along for the ride. If you’re the kind of hunter who practices frequently and does a lot of calling during the season, we recommend changing out your duck call reeds once a year. Less use demands fewer replacements — perhaps two or three seasons between reed changes.

Wedges, too, deteriorate over time. Cork wedges should be exchanged every one or two years, while rubber wedges should be changed out every three or four years.

Preserve your call’s perfect pitch — and your reputation as the waterfowl Pied Piper — by replacing your duck call reeds and wedges when they come due.

Slayer products are American-made. And what’s more, Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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Regular Reed, Dimpled Reed, Thin Wedge, Thick Wedge, Single Reed Insert Kit, Double Reed Insert Kit


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