Ranger DR, Collector’s Call


The collector’s choice. This limited edition Ranger was Field & Stream’s BEST double reed duck call in 2023. Each is individually numbered 001-250.


See for yourself why Slayer’s limited edition duck call was rated BEST double reed duck call by Field & Stream in 2023.

This double reed duck call can take as much air as you can blow. It’s a VERY loud duck call. In fact, with its wider exhaust, the Ranger Double Reed duck call is one of the loudest on the market, while still remaining very ducky. Produce extraordinary volume without compromising quality to get the attention of those high-flying mallards and bring them into the blind.

We crafted this limited edition Ranger call by first taking the award-winning Drake Slayer Double Reed and opened up the exhaust. We lengthened the tone board and took out some of the rises. Now, you can put as much air as you want into the call. Whether you’re hunting in the field, in timber or near open water, you’ll have a loud duck call at your fingertips. A well-timed hail can be your ticket to coaxing in a circling flock.

But sound and volume aren’t the only perks. This top-rated, limited edition* Ranger is also one of the best-looking loud duck calls on the market. Its garnet coloring has just that little bit of red to stand out from the flock. We are only producing a few hundred of these calls, and each band will have its own serial number to make it unique and one-of-a-kind. This call is for not only the duck hunter, but also for the duck call collector! 

With its durable, eye-catching acrylic barrel, the Ranger is a showstopper that’s ready to go wherever you call the wild.

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts, and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

*This limited edition collector’s duck call is non-returnable.

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Double Reed, Acrylic


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