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Honker guts, goose call guts by Slayer Calls

Goose Call Guts


Goose call guts gone bad? Check out these replacement parts made specifically to fit in our top-of-the-line goose calls.

Single Reed, duck call reeds by Slayer Calls

Duck Call Reeds


Keep your favorite call well-tuned with a new duck call reed. Calls perform best when reeds are changed annually.

DUBAR single reed insert replacement

DUBAR Insert


The soundboard is what makes the DUBAR simple to use and super ducky. Replace the insert you lost or change things up with a single reed.

Pearly Gates acrylic insert - soundboard with reed and wedgeOut of stock

Pearly Gates Insert


Replacement insert for the Pearly Gates cutdown call. This insert includes the soundboard, reed and wedge and is 100% acrylic.