Lochsa Elk Reed, Clearwater Series


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The Lochsa elk reed’s thick latex design is capable of producing the nasal buzz of lead cows, as well as sharp grunts and big bull challenge bugles.

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Even if you’ve never hunted in Idaho, you may have seen the name before: Lochsa. It’s one of the headwaters of the main Clearwater River, and thus the setting for many an elk hunter’s article or story. 

The Lochsa River flows heavy in the spring, producing large, class 5 rapids. It’s an intense body of water, and thus the perfect inspiration for this heavy-hitter of a call: The Lochsa Elk Reed. 

Crafted from thick, .006” latex, the Lochsa Elk Reed sits back in its Clearwater frame like more traditional diaphragms. The nature of its design gives it a basal buzz sound, perfectly mimicking a lead cow. Or, if you’d like, the sharp grunts, chuckles and challenge bugles of a monster bull. Whatever your quarry, the Lochsa Elk Reed has the weight to match your intent. Try it out for yourself and see what the mountain holds. 

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts, and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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Dark Blue




.006 — .003 is (thinner) to .005 (thicker)


4 — 1 (loose) to 7 (tight)


4 — 1 (light tongue & air pressure) to 7 (heavy tongue & air pressure)

Back Stretch

3 — 1 (loose ) to 7 (tight)




1 ¾”


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2 reviews for Lochsa Elk Reed, Clearwater Series

  1. Bobby Barger (verified owner)

    Started blowing elk diaphragm calls in 1988. My options in the beginning for purchasing a specific or customized diaphragm call was limited due to the small number of call manufacturers. Over the past 36 years I’ve tried the majority of elk diaphragm calls made, some good and some not so good. I thought I had my favorite “go to” brand figured out until I ordered 3 Slayer calls, the Lochsa, North Fork and Selway. Easy for me to see that this group of hunters (folks at Slayer Calls) put their life’s experiences to work when making calls! The Lochsa reed is thick, .006 thick, and somehow easy for me to blow, incredible bull sounds with some serious volume. The North Fork has a .004 reed thickness with great volume for some long distance calling plus it can make both cow and bull sounds with ease. The Selway reed is also a .004 thickness reed with the right amount of tension for some incredible high pitch calling. I’m not just blowing smoke here, the Slayer calls are unreal good!!
    Most importantly, God is always good!!!

  2. Jason Schultz (verified owner)

    Great call, Very durable, high quality. Took a while to break in but when it did it it sounds amazing. Great for someone with a medium sized palate

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