Maniac Elk Reed, Clearwater Series


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 A low- to medium-pressure call with a nasally tone, the Clearwater Maniac Elk Reed produces deep bugles and chuckles to lure in high-pressure elk.

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Like all the other diaphragms in this series, the Clearwater Maniac Elk Reed comes with a story. 

Back in 1924, a group of boys from Orofino, Idaho, went to another town, Kamiah, for a game of basketball. The Clearwater Tribune described the Orofino boys’ performance, labeling them as “Maniacs.” The name stuck and, eventually, world champion elk caller Cody McCarthy became one such Maniac out on the Orofino football field. 

Now, we invite you to bring some of your own “Maniac energy” to the mountaintops, with a diaphragm designed to outperform the competition. 

The Clearwater Maniac Elk Reed is crafted from blue .003” latex and takes less air pressure than heavier latex calls. It produces the nasal sounds that Cody himself demands on a hunt. With less air pressure comes lower volume and better depth of sound. Callers can expect to create deep bugles, chuckles and cow/calf sounds capable of luring in high-pressure elk. 

The Clearwater Maniac Elk Reed is a low- to medium-pressure call, similar to the Miner, but even more nasal in tone. Produce three-dimensional bull elk sounds with lots of body, and get the most out of your season. 

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts, and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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.003 — .003 is (thinner) to .005 (thicker)


4 — 1 (loose) to 7 (tight)


6 — 1 (light tongue & air pressure) to 7 (heavy tongue & air pressure)

Back Stretch

4 — 1 (loose ) to 7 (tight)




1 ¾”


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1 review for Maniac Elk Reed, Clearwater Series

  1. Micah Braun

    This is a fantastic reed for beginners all the way up to pros, I’ve been guiding elk in NW Montana for 7 years now and I have never used a reed with more clear and crisp sounding bugles than the Maniac. From a low growl all the way to a challenge bugle, this reed will not let you down!!!!

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