Cody McCarthy Signature Series


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Recommended by world champion elk caller Cody McCarthy — his go-to picks for bringing in the monster bull this season. Made in the USA. 

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If you want to call like a world champion, you need the gear of a world champion. Our Cody McCarthy Signature Elk Series contains his three favorite elk calls — Cody’s go-to picks for bringing in a monster bull this season:

  • The Clearwater Maniac Elk Reed is crafted from blue .003” latex and takes less air pressure than heavier latex calls. It produces the nasal sounds that Cody himself demands on a hunt. With less air pressure comes lower volume and better depth of sound. View detailed specs here. Weight .05 oz / Dimensions 1 × 1.75 in
  • Clearwater North Fork Elk Reed is made from highly durable .004” latex. This diaphragm features a tight stretch — get high notes with a lot of volume and good air pressure, all while holding on to those nasal tones callers should expect from latex. View detailed specs here. Weight .05 oz / Dimensions 1 × 1.75 in
  • The ArchAngel Bugle Tube (1): Slayer’s acrylic bugle elk call, with unbelievable back pressure and superior control, is capable of holding any elk vocalization.  Weight 10.74 oz / Dimensions 22 inches by 4 in diameter

All three calls come highly recommended by world champion elk caller Cody McCarthy himself. You can be sure that when he’s out calling this season, these are the elk calls he’ll have in his pack, ready to take down the biggest, baddest bulls.

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts, and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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Weight 10.84 oz
Dimensions 22 × 5.75 × 4 in

Green Marsh, Kodiak Venom, Carbon Killer, Green Ghost, Yellow Jacket Mesh


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24 reviews for Cody McCarthy Signature Series

  1. Mark Winslow (verified owner)

    Bugle tube sounds great. These diaphragms are some of the easiest to use straight out of th e package. Great combo would highly recommend to anyone.

  2. Brad (verified owner)

    Bugle tube sounds excellent!! Calls are great but very specific to their tasks. One is for cow calling, and the other is for bugling. I truly believe this is the perfect combo option for 90% of the elk hunters out there. Very durable and well made all around.

  3. Sarah (verified owner)

    I bought this as a bday gift for my husband and he loves it. He says this tube is the most elk like he has ever heard. He and his brother was so impressed with it that his brother also bought one.

  4. J. Dave Montoya

    Great Product! I cant wait for September. Thanks Slayer Calls!

  5. Bryan Grennier

    Unreal, sounds awesome and easy to use. Exceptional customer service, requested feedback from me to ensure I was happy with my purchase (which arrived in a very timely manner). These smaller companies need to be supported as they are by far the best to deal with!

  6. Jeff (verified owner)

    Great call east to use and great customer service the packaged showed up damage and broke the tube. Called customer service and they sent me a new one with no questions asked and also sent a free T-shirt. Fantastic call and customer service.

  7. SETH (verified owner)

    Ordered the arch angel acrylic. Came in a timely manner. Reeds work well. Won’t be able to use it till next year but I like sound. The reeds are and look very durable. Easy to use. Tha KS for a great product. Watch out Roosevelt’s we are coming next year.

  8. Brandon Brewer (verified owner)

    Great sounding tube and reeds. Very loud and holds a great tone. Was able to hit and hold those location bugles better than most I’ve tried

  9. Kirk Hanberg (verified owner)

    Called in multiple bulls so far on the OTC archery elk hunt. Very satisfied with the Realistic sound of the reeds and tube. Customer service was excellent. I Will recommend this product to my friends and family.

  10. Travus (verified owner)

    You can feel the quality the second you take this tube out of the box. The sound is amazing! The reeds are super high quality. I have been recommending to all my friends up here in WY!

    Customer service was excellent too and that’s part of the reason we have to keep supporting small businesses in our industry

  11. Eldon Williams (verified owner)

    I work as a hunting guide. The tube I purchased sound great. The real test will be next month while I’m guiding.

  12. Brooks (verified owner)

    Great tube! Love the reeds and the sound quality is amazing. Would definitely recommend…

  13. Joshua Hernandez (verified owner)

    I’m a outfitter in Az, Western Guides llc and very pleased.
    Not only was the shipping fast, the acrylic mouth piece sounds great! I’m definitely going to be purchasing there other diaphragm calls. Thanks SLAYER y’all nailed it!

  14. Michael Connelly (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this combination. I was using calls from Phelps before but the feel and sound of this combination totally won me over. Slayer Calls will definitely be my preferred choice from here on out.

  15. Chris (verified owner)

    Great sounds

  16. Will Schauman (verified owner)

    I love the sounds I can produce using this combination. I would recommend the Slayer tube and calls to anyone! Great job!

  17. Joseph Aragon (verified owner)

    What a great place to do business, heck they are like family. Have really enjoyed doing business with Slayer calls they offer great customer service and support. I have enjoyed the elk call product from them and am hoping to call in a big bull this fall I will refer any old and new friends to Slayer calls. I especially love the customer outreach to let you know about your order, and after it is received. Who does this? Slayer Calls does that’s who!

  18. Jeff T (verified owner)

    As a call junky I am always looking for something new. The acrylic mouth piece is what caught my eye. So far this has been a fantastic tube. The sound is crisp and clear with good lows for grunts and highs that carry. The mouth piece has a nice shape that is comfortable. I’LL definitely carry the tube in the woods this year.
    My only complaint is the color of the cover. It has a blueish tint and I’m just being picky.
    The reeds were nice but they just didn’t fit my pallet. No biggie just a personal fit issue. They do look nicely made.

  19. Mike (verified owner)

    Reeds sound great. Tube won’t get used for a month and a half. I’ll fill ya in after season gets going!!!!

  20. Bill (verified owner)

    The tube looks great and better yet it sound’s realistic and I’ve bow hunted elk for more than 30 years here in Idaho

  21. Danny Hopkins (verified owner)

    Once I saw a bugle tube made in acrylic, I had to try it! I do a lot of waterfowl hunting and acrylic duck and goose calls sound 10x better than other materials so I knew Slayer Calls was onto something. Quality construction, longer, bigger tube to get a lot of range and louder sound. Super clear sharp cow/bull sounds. I highly recommend this call. On top of that the customer service so far has been awesome. Great job!!

  22. Benjamin Bihler (verified owner)

    A really cool bugle tube I really like it! What a great product cool design and it works really really good

  23. Cory Crinklaw (verified owner)

    I haven’t really had a great chance to try the tube yet. Seems pretty solid constructed and has good tone in the little I’ve used it. I originally thought the whole tube was acrylic not just a section. Even still, good sound definitely a good setup I believe.

  24. Kyle Bernhardt (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing product! High quality build and amazing sound. I would, and have, recommended this product to anyone willing to listen. The customer service is what really puts this company over the top though. I literally got a follow up call after delivery of the bugle and reeds. They made sure it was delivered properly and asked if I had any questions on how to use it properly. Who does that these days? Cody & Jen do! Far and away the best service I’ve ever been provided ordering something online. I guarantee I’ll be a life long customer and I bet you’ll be the same!

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