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The ArchAngel’s one-of-a-kind back pressure system means less air AND louder and higher octaves — in Kryptek camo cover. Made in the USA. 

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“This type of bugle is big and means business. It is not only perfect for casting far-off locating bugles but also works excellent when challenging a bull in close when you need to make the guttural, deep sounds that bulls make.” – Zach Bowhay,

You’ve used bugles before, but we guarantee they’re nothing like this. Slayer’s ArchAngel Acrylic Elk Call is one of a kind. Our patent-pending Acrylic Sound Amplifying Back Pressure System can help you achieve unbelievable backpressure for superior control and hold over any elk vocalization.

Create realistic guttural and nasally sounds that echo those of a mature bull. Our unique design allows hunters to use less air while achieving louder and higher octaves. Finally—a call that doesn’t make you blow your lungs out before the big bulls show up.

This acrylic bugle elk call enables callers to have much better control of the reed which, combined with our tried and tested acrylic material, means hunters can create loud, realistic sounds. Simply drawing air back against the rifling in the acrylic when chuckling, grunting, or panting produces scary-realistic, deep, and guttural bull elk diaphragm sounds. With this acrylic bugle elk call, you’ll be able to scale up octaves with ease and reach some of the highest notes ever achieved. The acrylic material also eliminates all that plastic sound that is common among other bugles.

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts, and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

The story behind the ArchAngel

I imagine we’ve all lost hunters close to us. After their passing, trips into the woods are never the same.

The ArchAngel bugle tube is a way to remember all our lost ones while we’re out in the woods.

I named this call after a good friend — and one of the best elk hunters I’ve ever known — who passed away in 2021. He was a lifelong Idaho native who absolutely loved to fish and hunt, and he was never shy about bugling loudly and bugling often. He flat-out killed elk.

But even more special was the way my buddy was “livin’, huntin’ and talkin'” to make a difference in others’ lives.

After his passing, I wanted to devote an elk call to him that would truly make a difference in an elk hunter’s success. He had tested out a Slayer bugle tube during his final hunting season, calling in the first bull elk taken down using the handle. I can think of no better elk product to devote to him than this groundbreaking acrylic elk call.

And I’ll hold his memory close this season, and for many more, with the ArchAngel at my side.

— Bill Ayer, Slayer Calls CEO

Additional information

Weight 10.74 oz
Dimensions 22 × 4 × 4 in

Green Marsh, Kodiak Venom, Carbon Killer, Green Ghost, Yellow Jacket Mesh

Mouth Opening

1 3/8 inch.


5 stars based on 30 reviews

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30 reviews for ArchAngel, Acrylic Elk Call

  1. Kirk Eddleman (verified owner)

    I received my Archangel Bugle Tube and immediately I could hear difference the new acrylic mouthpiece makes. I have used almost every make and model bugles out there, but my new Slayer is definitely the one I’ll be carrying in the woods this year! I highly recommend this bugle…unless, of course, you’re hunting in the same units I do. In that case, I recommend you buy something cheaper and less effective…Ha ha!

    Also, I bought the paracord lanyard and love it too!

  2. Jeff T

    Great tube! The volume is amazing but the sounds stays crisp. The mouth piece is extremely comfortable and is easy to change positions for different calls. Extremely impressed!

  3. Chris M (verified owner)

    Extremely fast shipping. I ordered on Monday morning, it was in my hands Wednesday evening. Painless purchasing from website. Got the Archangel bugle tube and a couple of different reeds. Took about 15 minutes to get comfortable with the new reeds, was calling in bulls Friday morning. Excellent tone, amazing calls. Thank you!

  4. Shane (verified owner)

    Amazing quality and sound

  5. Austin Barton (verified owner)

    Alright I have both the “The Swagger Bugle Tube” and the “Archangel” and out of the two of them the Archangel is my favorite. These are the Pro’s and Con’s I have found about the Archangel.

    Pro’s –
    1) I love both Slayer bugle tubes more than any other bugle tube I have ever owned.
    2) The Archangel sounds the best out of the 10 different bugle tubes I own.
    3) It’s beautiful to look at!!

    Con’s –
    1) It is the heaviest bugle tube I own.
    2) If your friends hear you bugle with it you’ll probably become the designated caller.
    3) You’ll probably call in more elk than you have tags for.

    In all seriousness though the Archangel is my favorite bugle tube I own, and I own a lot. It is the heaviest bugle tube I own, because acrylic isn’t light. It is worth it though, you won’t want to leave it at home. No matter what it weighs this baby deserves every bit of 5 stars!!

  6. Austin Moe (verified owner)

    It’s about time we threw some acrylic at a bugle tube! The extra volume is amazing!

  7. Jessica Reveal (verified owner)

    I love love love this bugle tube! I’ve never been able to find a bugle tube the right size for when I’m on the mountain, it’s either too big or too small, the ArchAngel tube is perfect size. Not to mention it’s weighs so light! My Bugles have never sounded better, so true to sound! Being a female hunter it’s difficult to get those right sounding grunts, but ArchAngel makes that possible!

  8. Troy

    Just received the tube, haven’t had it in the woods yet but sounds great in the house

  9. Blake Wheeler (verified owner)

    I’ve used all the tubes and let me tell you this is the best sounding tube on the market oh and it also looks amazing!

  10. Adam F. (verified owner)

    I recently met the folks at Slayer during the Utah Hunt Expo and needless to say was impressed with the Archangel. It isn’t everyday a call company tries something new with bugle tubes. I ordered one of the tubes and my experience with Jennifer made the buying experience a breeze. After receiving the Archangel and throwing a few bugles around I was torn, if the folks at slayer keep this up telling hunters from Elk this fall is going the be a bit more challenging! Great tone, depth and without the plastic ring, overall a great tube!

  11. Brandon F (verified owner)

    Looks great and sounds even better!

  12. Jamison Creekmore

    This bugle tube is phenomenal!!! Not only does the acrylic look great but the sound it produces cannot be beaten.

  13. Tyson (verified owner)

    First and foremost this company’s customer service is second to none. I received my bugle tube and it was damaged during shipping. I sent an email and within hours I received an email from the owner stating he shipped out a replacement no questions asked. That’s pretty impressive this day and age.

    Secondly this tube sounds and looks awesome. I’ve used every tube in the shelf and this is by far my favorite.

  14. Matt b

    The tube is crafted ever so nice, and sounds amazing unlike some cheap ones out in the market, was having issues using this at first as still new to it, spoke with a staff memeber and we worked together and now I’m able to make crystal clean bugles can’t wait for 2023 season going to help my kit a lot! Thank you slayer!!!

  15. David Copher (verified owner)

    Tube sounds great and should be a nice addition to the bugle tube family. Season is over for us here in Oregon, but I will surely put it to the test next season. Keep up the great work.

  16. Brock Lavaque (verified owner)

    This tube truly is amazing makes great sounds and really gets the elk in close .. we called in several elk this year using the slayer tube and got lucky enough to harvest bulls of all different shapes and sizes across Oregon

  17. Jeffery Duncan

    This year I was introduced to Slayer Calls. With them being a local Idaho company I thought I would give them a try after hearing the sounds the reeds and the Archangel tube we’re making. Beyond having an amazing customer support team and getting me the calls quickly and having time to practice before the upcoming Idaho archery elk season all I can say is wow. During this season I used all three of the mouth external diaphragms teamed up with the Archangel tube, the sounds these diaphragms make are incredible and even for a novice beginner caller you will not be disappointed. I have been using diaphragms for roughly 24 years and these are top notch. The tube itself has more back pressure than any two by ever used and also has the volume when using a locating vehicle it will reach out and make the noise you need. Highly recommend don’t hesitate. If you’re on the fence try them out and you will love them.

  18. Tony Romero

    This bugle tube is legit. I have used many different calls and tubes from different manufacturers through the years, and have nothing but positive things to say about this archangel tube. The mouthpiece allows the perfect amount of back pressure to manipulate sounds easily, and has advanced my calling game to next level. Also would like to note that the body of the tube is a thicker plastic then competitors bugle tubes I’ve used and it doesn’t leave the “ringing” in the tube like some of the competitors products I’ve used. I’ve been playing with a couple of the reeds and so far have been completely satisfied with the sounds and quality of them. They absolutely rip on the bugles through the archangel tube. I look forward to trying out some of the duck and goose calls this winter. Keep killing it guys!

  19. BCR (verified owner)

    Gives a bugle the extra depth needed to sound like an elk not a hunter.

  20. Steve Raudenbush (verified owner)

    I love the wide acrylic mouth piece really gives me the range, volume and bass I’m looking for to make great calls. I have used other tubes in the past, but the ArchAngel Elk Call has a distinct difference in sound clarity compared to others.

  21. Mike S (verified owner)

    Great bugle tube. The acrylic mouthpiece does appear to work as advertised in clearing up the hollow, plastic sound that most bugle tubes have. Overall this appears to be very well built and virtually bomb proof. It will definitely be the primary tube on my pack this September.

  22. Garett

    Hands down one of the best bugle tubes I’ve used. The green acrylic part takes out so much of the plastic sounds it’s crazy! Would recommend!!

  23. Jon Jones

    A Beautiful Tube!! The modern upbeat appearance with the acrylic mouth piece and sleek cover, that’s what caught my eye. Couple that with the narrow channel of the mouth piece helping to create back pressure that gives you superior control. Awesome bugles and ridiculously easy chuckles. Absolutely luv this tube! Jon Jones ~ Premier Wildlife Artistry

  24. KEVIN. MENTZ (verified owner)

    Oh yeah!!! Just Deadly! Haha this bugle tube is going to wake up the dead this season! Lol it’s a Screamer! 5 stars. I’ve been going back and forth with bugle tube and i can distinctly hear the difference in acoustics. Great tube! Super excited for Elk season haha, bugle them in from 1950yards up to 5 yards all season. Lol, Enjoy your day!

  25. Landon Patterson (verified owner)

    Great idea with the acrylic never been done before it is definitely worth the money we’ll built all around great tube

  26. Andrew Decker (verified owner)

    What an awesome bugle tube..I have used many others this one is by far the best of them all. Thanks for an amazing product! I really appreciated the personal phone call to make sure I was satisfied with the calls!

  27. SCOTT HAUGEN (verified owner)

    Over 40 years of elk hunting, this is the best I’ve used. The shape of the mouthpiece allows for precise lip articulation and controlled air flow which helps achieve the perfect inflection. The crisp, clear sounds the acrylic creates, is unmatched!

  28. Herb Sollinger (verified owner)

    The crystal clear sound that this call produces is above any call I have ever used, and it has been many calls I’ve used. Can’t wait to try the other products this company has to offer. This call will definitely be in my pack this year.

  29. Brent Yamasaki

    5 star , 35 years, had every make and type. The acrylic mouthpiece!!! I’m amazed. No one else has ever thought of it.

  30. Erik Berglund

    The ArchAngel Acrylic Elk Call played an integral part in me winning the Northwest Mountain Challenge elk calling competition this year in Tamarack, ID! I really love all the features this tube has to offer. The wide acrylic mouth piece really gives me the range, volume and bass I’m looking for to make great calls. I have used other tubes in the past, but the ArchAngel Elk Call has a distinct difference in sound clarity compared to others. This is definitely my go to bugle tube from here on out! Do yourself a favor buy one!

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