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The ArchAngel’s one-of-a-kind back pressure system means less air AND louder and higher octaves. Patent pending.

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You’ve used bugles before, but we guarantee they’re nothing like this. Slayer’s ArchAngel Acrylic Elk Call is one of a kind. Our patent-pending Acrylic Sound Amplifying Back Pressure System can help you achieve unbelievable backpressure for superior control and hold over any elk vocalization.

Create realistic guttural and nasally sounds that echo those of a mature bull. Our unique design allows hunters to use less air while achieving louder and higher octaves. Finally—a call that doesn’t make you blow your lungs out before the big bucks show up.

This acrylic bugle elk call enables callers to have much better control of the reed which, combined with our tried and tested acrylic material, means hunters can create loud, realistic sounds. Simply drawing air back against the rifling in the acrylic when chuckling, grunting, or panting produces scary-realistic, deep, and guttural bull elk diaphragm sounds. With this acrylic bugle elk call, you’ll be able to scale up octaves with ease and reach some of the highest notes ever achieved. The acrylic material also eliminates all that plastic sound that is common among other bugles.

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts, and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

The story behind the ArchAngel

I imagine we’ve all lost hunters close to us. After their passing, trips into the woods are never the same.

The ArchAngel bugle tube is a way to remember all our lost ones while we’re out in the woods.

I named this call after a good friend — and one of the best elk hunters I’ve ever known — who passed away in 2021. He was a lifelong Idaho native who absolutely loved to fish and hunt, and he was never shy about bugling loudly and bugling often. He flat-out killed elk.

But even more special was the way my buddy was “livin’, huntin’ and talkin'” to make a difference in others’ lives.

After his passing, I wanted to devote an elk call to him that would truly make a difference in an elk hunter’s success. He had tested out a Slayer bugle tube during his final hunting season, calling in the first bull elk taken down using the handle. I can think of no better elk product to devote to him than this groundbreaking acrylic elk call.

And I’ll hold his memory close this season, and for many more, with the ArchAngel at my side.

— Bill Ayer, Slayer Calls CEO

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  1. Erik Berglund

    The ArchAngel Acrylic Elk Call played an integral part in me winning the Northwest Mountain Challenge elk calling competition this year in Tamarack, ID! I really love all the features this tube has to offer. The wide acrylic mouth piece really gives me the range, volume and bass I’m looking for to make great calls. I have used other tubes in the past, but the ArchAngel Elk Call has a distinct difference in sound clarity compared to others. This is definitely my go to bugle tube from here on out! Do yourself a favor buy one!

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