North Fork Elk Reed, Clearwater Series


Slayer’s North Fork elk reed is crafted from highly durable .004” latex. It’s a medium to high pressure call with good volume, designed for experienced callers. 

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The North Fork elk reed takes its name from the Clearwater River and its headwaters, which start in the Bitterroot Mountains. Prime elk hunting grounds, beloved by the Slayer team and many others here in Idaho. If your favorite honey hole is anything like ours, the North Fork elk diaphragm could be your trump card for bagging a monster bull this season and beyond. 

Slayer’s North Fork elk reed is a medium to high pressure call with good volume. When used in tandem with the Miner elk reed, it gives callers better access to long-distance bulls. Get their attention with the North Fork diaphragm then, when they’re nearby, bring ’em closer with the Miner. 

The North Fork elk reed produces realistic cow and calf sounds as well as guttural bull sounds. It’s a versatile diaphragm, made for the above average to experienced caller. The reed’s purple .004” latex has a tight stretch that reaches high notes with a lot of volume and good air pressure, all while holding on to those nasal tones callers should expect from latex. 

As part of Slayer Calls’ new Clearwater Frame and Series, the North Fork elk reed aims to honor Idaho’s wilderness and history. 

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts, and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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.004 — .003 is (thinner) to .005 (thicker)


6 — 1 (loose) to 7 (tight)


6 — 1 (light tongue & air pressure) to 7 (heavy tongue & air pressure)

Back Stretch

5 — 1 (loose ) to 7 (tight)




1 ¾”


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