Workhorse Series, 3-Pack Elk Reeds


Try out three of our favorite elk reeds with the Clearwater Workhorse Series, including the Miner, the Logger, and the Isabella. Detailed description below.

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Now this is a bundle you’ve got to try. Slayer’s Clearwater Workhorse Series contains three of the toughest, hardest working reeds in our Clearwater lineup.

  • Clearwater Miner Elk Reed (1): Crafted from highly durable, yet flexible .003” latex, the Miner diaphragm is a low pressure call for minimum air pressure and low tongue pressure, yet it yields a full range of bugles and moans with lower volume. View detailed specs here. Weight .05 oz / Dimensions 1 × 1.75 in 
  • Clearwater Logger Elk Reed (1): This hardworking diaphragm is made with red .004” latex, giving it a medium stretch that works well with both low and high pressure calling. It’s a midrange call — not as loud or high pitched as some, but what it lacks in volume, it makes up for in versatility and basal buzz. View detailed specs here. Weight .05 oz / Dimensions 1 × 1.75 i
  • Clearwater Isabella Creek Elk Reed (1): Our easiest-to-use Clearwater reed, designed for beginners and hunting veterans alike. Made from .003” black latex, the Isabella is a low-pressure diaphragm with very little stretch. Best of all, it never sticks, so you can keep calling right up until the moment you take your shot. View detailed specs here. Weight .05 oz / Dimensions 1 × 1.75 in

Inspired by Idaho’s wilderness and workers, the Clearwater Workhorse series from Slayer Calls offers hunters a superior calling experience. These reeds don’t just sound better, they perform better. We’re talking season-long durability, consistency across diaphragms and top-tier comfort for any length hunt. Try the Clearwater Workhorse Series for yourself and hear the difference a high-quality diaphragm can make. 

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts, and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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