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Crafted to mimic the tooth-like notches of a duck’s mouth, this call is simple to use, super ducky and is much less likely to stick or freeze on you — this call is nasty raspy and “ducked


Save 10% with the Honker collection. Contains the Honker Slayer Goose Call, Prostyle lanyard, Slayer Field Dresser Knife and our ammo dry bag.

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This is going to take over the elk hunting industry! Incredibly easy to use and the sound is phenomenal. Great for those getting into elk hunting and for those who struggle to use a diaphragm call.

Whistler's Mother

The Whistler's Mother 4-in-1 is an amazing piece to add to your arsenal when duck hunting, super easy to use, great notes for different species and very high quality. Great for beginners and advanced hunters.


NO BS! My favorite Goose Call. I am new to using goose calls and have struggled to get the vocalizations correct. BUT, with this call, I am finding it a lot easier to work a goose call and it sounds great. Not only does this call sound great but it also looks amazing. It definitely stands out on the lanyard.

Ranger Double Reed

The first hunt I used this call on we killed a 7 man of mallards. To say I hammered on this call on its first outing is an understatement. Love the versatility I have with this call going soft or just flat screaming through it, it handles whatever air I throw at it making it super easy!


Soooo happy with this company. Quick and friendly service. I got the Honker slayer for my 12 year old who knows a LOT about goose hunting. He says it’s the best call he’s ever had (and trust me he has a TON of calls). I’ll be ordering more from here. Thank you!

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Get pointers from pros and hone your hunting know-how. Whether you want to obsess about hunting with us on the Slayer Podcast, discover new ways to cook game on the Recipe Feed or expand your hunting horizons on our blog, Slayer Chatter is your base camp for all things hunting.
CEO, Bill Ayer duck hunting in water
Goose hunting with silhouette decoys
The Slayer Podcast: Call The Wild
Smoked duck fat focaccia topped with duck prosciutto, Slayer recipe

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Mike Wec holding first genetically documented leucistic black duck

Slayer Pro bags one-of-a-kind ‘fowl

Slayer Pro bags one-of-a-kind ‘fowl Written By: M.D. Johnson Photos By: Mike Wec You ask any duck hunter worth his or her salt, myself very much included, and I would be willing to bet they’ll tell you that putting three birds – a drake mallard, drake black, and a woodie – on the strap in…

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