‘Ole Tom’s 8-Pack


Having the right ‘tools’ in the box can make or break a turkey hunt. This Spring, let Slayer Calls stock your tool kit, thanks to the new 8-Reed Pack

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Veteran turkey hunters know it’s often a game-changer to be able to produce that ‘exact’ sound ‘Ole Tom’s listening for, but how to do that without carrying 1,001 different calls into the field? Fortunately, Slayer Calls has the answer to this search for diversity, thanks to their new 8-Reed Pack. Lightweight, easy to transport, user-friendly, and with the ability to reproduce all the sounds of the wild turkey hen – And some they never thought of making! – Slayer’s 8-Reed Pack puts everything a hunter needs in his right front pocket! The 8-Reed Pack includes – 

Black Batwing – Triple reeds with the popular ‘batwing’ cut

Grey Batwing – Like the Black Batwing, with less tension for great soft calls

The Cutter – An aggressive cutt’n style call that gets gobblers fired up

The Fang Cutter – Raspy and downright nasty, thanks to the Split V/Half Moon cut

Snake Bite – Slayer’s unique fang-like top cut makes this triple reed a winner

Center Cut Triple – Easy to use, yet extremely versatile triple reed

Straight Double – An excellent choice for spring or fall gobblers

Split Triple – Consistency in constructions lends confidence with this awesome triple 

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