The Cutter Turkey Call


For those moments when you need something a little light and subtle, The Cutter from Slayer Calls hits all the right notes.

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The Cutter diaphragm, the latest innovative Spring creation from Slayer Calls, begins with two precisely stretched uncut latex reeds overlaid by a third, the top reed featuring a radical ‘cutter’ notch design to provide callers with an incredible range of tonal variations. Need to quiet things down and sweet-talk that reluctant gobbler into 30 yards? The Cutter can do everything necessary from those short three-note yelps to breathy whines and low-key clucks. Need to kick it up a notch? The Cutter, with its volume and far-reaching capabilities, gets the nod here, too. And thanks to The Cutter’s rugged aluminum frame and non-slip friction tape finish, consistency from Opening Day to the Final Bell is THE name of the game. 

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Weight .05 oz
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.5 in

Single (quantity 1), 3-Pack (quantity 3)


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