Fang Cutter Turkey Call


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Step up to the next level of turkey calling complexity this spring with the new-to-the-field Slayer Fang Cutter turkey mouth call.

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Deadly…yet anything but silent. The new Slayer Snake Bite turkey mouth call is ready to strike, and rattl’n up gobblers from coast to coast.


Sometimes we hunters come up against an old gobbler that wants … well, he wants a little bit more than just your typical yelp ’n cluck scenario. To get his attention and drag him those last few yards, you need to give him something that’s truly nasty ’n raspy. Welcome to the world of the Slayer Fang Cutter — the latest turkey calling breakthrough from Slayer Calls. This turkey mouth call uses two precision-stretched straight reeds underneath, with a Split V/Half-Moon combination cut on top, each contributing their own unique sound to the calling sequence. Want mirror-finish highs? The Slayer Fang Cutter has it. How about that Boss Hen rasp? It’s there, too — and all in an easy-to-blow platform designed for the entire spectrum of experience levels. The new Slayer Fang Cutter from Slayer Calls. This one definitely has some BITE to it!

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Weight .05 oz
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.5 in

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5 reviews for Fang Cutter Turkey Call

  1. Klay (verified owner)

    This cutter call is amazing! The Slayer Fang Cutter brought my Tom within 15 yards making it for an easy kill. It’s very effective and it sounds great! I have used a lot of different mouth calls but Slayer tops them all! Highly recommend this call!!

  2. Leanna Graves (verified owner)

    Second year I’ve used this call, and three birds down! Hands down my favorite call. From loud calls to soft, it’s very versatile! Soft purrs, and yelps are very crisp. Toms loved it!

  3. Jamison Creekmore

    The range of this call is awesome. Easy to achieve that old raspy hen sound with little effort.

  4. Zach Bailey

    Awesome go to call at any point of the hunt! Easy to get loud with to get any gobblers attention or get soft and quiet for those early morning tree yelps

  5. Shane Green

    This call is slowly becoming my favorite of the slayer turkey call family.
    I can get very loud and raspy with it and I can also call very low and quiet. The range is phenomenal. The other great part about all their calls is that the material used is very soft and form fitting to the roof of mouth, unlike any others I have used in the past.

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