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The Axe Hunting Pack from Slayer Calls with the Axe wood honker call displayed with the Slayer Field Dressing Knife, Prostyle Lanyard and the Slayer ammo dry bagThe Axe, Honker Goose Call in bocote wood

The Axe Hunting Pack


The Axe Hunting Pack contains the Axe Honker Slayer and three accessories: the Prostyle lanyard, Slayer Field Dresser Knife and our ammo dry bag.

Ranger acrylic duck call in yellow featured against a black background and color swatchesSlayer Calls line up of Ranger duck calls in every color variation - blue, orange, yellow, green and black

The Ranger, Double Reed


Rated BEST double reed duck call by Field & Stream in 2023, the Ranger features a wider exhaust and longer tone board. Wildly loud!

Dagger Goose Call in Black, goose call for beginners

Dagger Goose Call


The Dagger is a great goose call for beginners. This short-reed call has the perfect back pressure and is made of durable, high quality DELRIN.