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Slayer Bugle BandSlayer bugle band

Elk Bugle Band


Second only to a real elk, Slayer’s elk bugle band will help you achieve a more realistic call, free from any “plastic” sound.

Suzie Slayer, wood duck call, double reedBill Ayer, Slayer CEO with the Suzie Slayer Duck Call

Suzie Slayer, Double Reed


Step up your slay game with the Cadillac of duck calls. The luxurious bocote Suzie Slayer is a wooden call with the finesse to work the wariest ducks.

Flat Iron Goose Call, designed for hunting Canada Geese - pictured in flat grey with custom engraving on barrel

Leg Iron Honker Call


The Leg Iron goose call is an easy-to-use long-distance call that requires less air to blow. Simple and sexy, this call gets the job done.

Slayer's limited edition Ranger duck call featured with a garnet barrel and black insert - a very loud collector's duck call

Ranger SR, Limited Edition


Check out the limited edition Ranger. Each single reed call is individually numbered 001-250, making it the collector’s choice for loud duck calls.

Mallard Reaper, duck call by Slayer Calls

Mallard Reaper


Slayer’s easy-to-blow Mallard Reaper is the best duck call for beginners and features great tone from the high end to the bottom.

Clearwater workhorse series from Slayer Elk Calls includes the Miner elk reed, Logger diaphragm and the Isabella Creek reedClearwater elk reed lineup with air pressure and tongue pressure

Workhorse Series, 3-Pack


Try out three of our favorite elk reeds with the Clearwater Workhorse Series, including the Miner, the Logger, and the Isabella. Detailed description below.

Slayer CUTDOWN 00 duck call

Slayer CUTDOWN 00


An entry level cutdown call. The Slayer CUTDOWN 00 features a tone board that’s been cut down and reshaped for more realistic duck vocalizations.

Honker guts, goose call guts by Slayer Calls

Goose Call Guts


Goose call guts gone bad? Check out these replacement parts made specifically to fit in our top-of-the-line goose calls.