Grit (Red)


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A high pressure call. Elk hunters who use a lot of air pressure love this call for deep growls, well-executed chuckles and screaming high notes. Intermediate / advanced.

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Want to slay the biggest bulls? It’s time to get raging.

From the 300 Series, the Slayer Grit elk reed fast-tracks your path to emotional and aggressive bull elk calls. Made out of thick latex, the medium tension option allows experienced callers to push a ton of air for a fuller sound with a deeper base. Mimic the intimidating tones of a mature rival satellite bull and call in a herd bull who’s ready for a fight.

Our elk calls are easy to blow and are comfortable and compatible with most palate sizes. We’ve tested the tension and thickness on all our elk diaphragms to get the sounds you need to replicate the calls of the entire herd. Add the 200 Series and 100 Series diaphragms to your collection to tap into less emotional calls and the gentler tones of cows and calves.

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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Dimensions 1 × 1.75 in

Single (Quantity 1), 3-Pack (Quantity 3)


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2 reviews for Grit (Red)

  1. Jessica Reveal (verified owner)

    Amazing call to sound like a Big Bad Bull. Creates those deeper toned bugles, especially paired with the ArchAngel bugle tube. If you want to get them bulls going, this is the call to do it with.

  2. Jamison Creekmore

    This call is great for getting elk fired up. The lip bawls sounds great with this call.

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Fuller sound, deeper base


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