Wicked Rabbit Coyote Call


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Trick the shy and wylie with realistic sounds of distress. Doubles as a howler.

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Howl to the moon and scream to the stars with Slayer’s Wicked Rabbit coyote call. This predator call mimics the screams of a cottontail and the sounds of a jackrabbit in distress — enticing even the shyest of coyotes to see first-hand what all the commotion is about. Slayer’s Wicked Rabbit coyote call doubles as a locator allowing hunters to howl and create the sounds of a pup in distress. The simple yet innovative design of the Wicked Rabbit makes it easy to use, minimizing how long it takes you to master. If you’re looking to get more dogs down in the field, you’ll need a call that’s more versatile than the typical electronic callers available on the market today.

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2” in diameter x 4” long


1.2 ounces


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2 reviews for Wicked Rabbit Coyote Call

  1. Austin Barton

    Honest opinion. I like it, but I don’t love it.
    It works great, it calls in coyotes, and it is pretty stinkin cool looking! Probably the coolest looking predator call on the market. Only thing I would change is ditch the green band and somehow change the design to lock the reed in tighter without the band. I like the sound of it better without the band because I feel like I can get deeper tones, and it gives me more room to run the call when I howl with it. Distress calls are a 10/10 with this baby. Howling is a little on the tough side, but when I take the band off I can get the howls to sound quite a bit better! Great call for beginners or experienced callers. I will have this in my hunting pack all year, no matter the hunt. Never know when you might see a yote!

  2. Mike “Wicked” Wec

    There ain’t no rest for the coyotes with this Wicked Rabbit call! An absolute beast of a call with the perfect tone to bring any weary coyote within range. Slay the day!

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