Slayer Calf External Call


Effectively mimic high-pitched calf elk sounds with the Slayer Calf External Call, featuring a redesigned tone board and reed.

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Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of an external calf elk call. It’s one of the most useful tools in any big game hunter’s bag of tricks, capable of luring in the biggest cows and monster bulls alike.

Use the external calf elk call to create a variety of sounds, from soft and subtle calf mews to very excited and emotional lost calf sounds. Then sit back and wait while the cows and bulls come to you.

The Slayer Calf External Call features a modified tone board and reed that produces a higher pitch, perfectly mimicking the sounds of any elk calf. It’s lightweight — just one piece — and made from the same super durable nylon plastic used to make AR lowers. This is one call you’ll be able to love and use for seasons to come.

Pair your external calf elk call with the Slayer Cow External Call to bring in the biggest herd bulls all season long.

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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Weight 0.65 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 1 × 1 in

Nylon Plastic




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