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Field Dresser Folding Knife by Slayer Calls, featuring Slayer brand on the blade; made for waterfowlField Dresser Folding Knife by Slayer Calls, featuring Slayer brand on the blade; made for waterfowl

Field Dresser, Slayer Knife


Slayer’s folding knife gets the job done, from skinning to field dressing. Hunting waterfowl or big game? The Field Dresser belongs in your pack.

Pitboss Lanyard


Be the Pitboss. With a thick, round design, this duck call lanyard is made for hunters who live hard in their gear. 

The Axe Hunting Pack from Slayer Calls with the Axe wood honker call displayed with the Slayer Field Dressing Knife, Prostyle Lanyard and the Slayer ammo dry bagThe Axe, Honker Goose Call in bocote woodOut of stock

The Axe Hunting Pack


The Axe Hunting Pack contains the Axe Honker Slayer and three accessories: the Prostyle lanyard, Slayer Field Dresser Knife and our ammo dry bag.

The Enchantress Hunting Collection shown with the enchantress external elk call attached to the swagger bugle tube, bugle strap and elk game bagsThe Enchantress External Elk Call, Hunting CollectionOut of stock

The Enchantress Collection


The Enchantress Collection combines simplicity and unbeatable, realistic sound in this easy-to-use push call and attachable Swagger tube with strap. Buy replacement reeds for the Enchantress here.

Dagger Goose Call in Black, goose call for beginners

Dagger Goose Call


The Dagger is a great goose call for beginners. This short-reed call has the perfect back pressure and is made of durable, high quality DELRIN.

External elk call by Slayer Calls, Black

Slayer Cow External Call


Mimic the most realistic cow elk mews and excited estrus sounds with Slayer’s external cow elk call. Made in the USA.

External elk call by Slayer Calls, Green

Slayer Calf External Call


Mimic high-pitched calf elk sounds with the Slayer Calf External Call, featuring a redesigned tone board and reed. Made in the USA.

Slayer's Full Range elk reed collection - Resilience, Fortitude and Gladiator elk reedsOut of stock

Full Range Collection


Introducing a smorgasbord of elk reeds; three total, each with its own call style. Made in the USA. 

A lineup of the elk calls in the Fever CollectionHand holding Slayer's Fever elk diaphragm 3-pack; Tenacity elk call, Endure elk call, Grit elk callOut of stock

The Fever, Elk Reed Collection


A collection of elk reeds built for those that use a lot of air and tongue pressure. A collection for intermediate and advanced callers.